Thursday, November 7, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-7-13

The phrase resonates at football games when a terrorists attacks us, but seems to fade into a whimper when it comes to matters that involve responsibility, self-sufficiency, and completely muffles out  the whole "pick yourself up boot strap" pitch.

So, let's look at an example of how this plays out in someone's livingroom, somewhere in "small town" America when the folks think it's time to have that "heart-to-heart" with their now live-in 26 year old kid (I use the term loosely)

It probably goes something like this;

"Son (or daughter) we want you to know how proud we are of you and how we  raised you.  You've come a long way passed many milestones. Having your first car at 16, an iPhone and PC, you first legit beer at 18, and now that your 26 years old we think it's time you go out into the the world and put all those accomplishments and your college degree to use."

"The good news is we will still be here if you need a place to crash in between jobs, or want a real meal. The bad news is, we won't be able to provide you with healthcare after today. OMG!"

"I know, I know,  it's a tough world out there, and your'e only 26 years old with your whole life ahead of you with many dreams to make come true. So,here's a little something to help you get started. We want you to take this money and go out and enjoy life. Go to as many parties as you can, travel as much as you want, buy the best clothes, car, and smartphones."

" BUT"

"Whatever you do" 


"The folks on FOX said It's the worse thing to happen to America since slavery."

Sound familiar? A few days on Capital Hill will confirm it is. There's a bunch of slick politicians up there that want Americans to buy into idea that buying healthcare insurance for yourself is a sign of weakness; being dependent on BIG government as if they were selling you insurance and profiting from your premiums, rather than just giving you a little of your tax money back to be able to afford it.

So, to all you energetic, bright and talented 26 year "plus" olds out there I ask you?

How does that square with the "AMERICA STRONG" battle cry?  Is paying for your own healthcare a sign of weakness and dependency?

When I had a little heart-to-heart with my 18 year daughter and asked those questions, she came back with a resounding, "no."  In fact she said she was waiting for the day to come when she would not only be able to pay for her own healthcare insurance, but also mine! Imagine that!

The only concern she had was that not enough cash for her hard work would "trickle" down to her.

Something seems to have clogged the pipes.

For those who find this offensive I would like to suggest they think beyond their nose and take a peek at the future and the next generation of parents who one day will have that sit-down with their kids way before the age of 26 to let them know they don't have healthcare because?

I'd like to be there to hear that conversation.