Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Johann Wagenr 11-18-13

Being the idiot that I am ,I naively thought that Americans rejected and abolished slavery? If I recall there was something called "emancipation proclamation" in our history.

It came as a surprise to me when I learned that the largest retailers in this great land of freedom, are "mandating" that their employees work on Thanksgiving, a national holiday that even our oppressive "big bad" government provides their employees with the day off and maybe even a turkey to take home with them.

While on the other hand our "free market" giants are doing just the opposite;

Wal-Mart: This retail behemoth — which is also facing walkouts on Black Friday — will be opening on 8 P.M. Thanksgiving Day.

- Toys R’ Us: This retailer will be matching Wal-Mart’s ultra-early opening time.

- Sears: Sears is matching Wal-Mart and Toys R’Us by having Thursday “door busters.”

- Target: Target will be opening at 9 P.M. on Thanksgiving.

- K-Mart: K-Mart has transformed its Black Friday into a Thanksgiving sale that lasts from Thanksgiving through Saturday.

So to all those honorable and learned "gentle-persons" on the Hill who rage against the government enslaving us with healthcare I want to ask:

Who is the oppressor here?

Who is enslaving Americans buy stripping them of their rights; in this case to celebrate national holidays with family and friends instead of being shackled to a cash register just to fatten the till?

Do politicians and Supreme Court Justices that bellow and pontificate about freedoms for corporations while sacrificing the freedoms of Americans (who by the way are people) embrace the Constitution and what it stands for? 

I'll leave answering that question to Americans and ask that they voice their opinion by either deciding to stay home with their families or drag them along to a "Thanksgiving Sales-Fest".

My guess is that the Walton's and those that are like-minded will probably be at home with their family chomping down on a turkeys drumstick.

Where would you rather be?