Monday, November 4, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-4-13

The right wing media react to PBS like vampires run from garlic.

Why? Because the Glen Becks and Hannities  would melt the the witch in OZ if a little factual news spilled over on them.

I am also confident in saying that the PBS channel is not to be found on any of the 1% remotes out of fear of popping the bubble of denial they live in.

So, here's the challenge. How about trying to live 1 day (just 1 so don't panic) of Shanita's experience? Then come back and tell me with a straight face that there's no problem with the society that puts profits above human dignity? How does one justify the Walton's accumulating massive wealth while withholding a living wage from the people that made it for them?

Between food, housing and baby supplies, Shenita Simon struggles each week to support her family of seven. The 25-year-old from New York makes $8 per hour and is one of the fast food workers nationwide advocating for higher wages. Hari Sreenivasan brings us Shenita's story of surviving on a near-minimum wage salary.