Thursday, November 7, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-7-13

I'm sure that anyone who has ever turned on and used a piece of electronic equipment knows a little something about bugs. The free market people are great at creating them and then working them out with the people that buy the stuff because it saves a lot on R&R. It's called "beta" testing.

So, what's all the hoopla about "" other than that nasty "gov" word?  I'm especially surprised with Republicans who usually champion big business and ignore their shortcomings.

I'm also surprised that they can't get past their hatred of Obama to see that he's actually been the #1 pitchman in selling American Style" insurance to the American people.

He's not doing it to pump up his bottom line or jack up his stock portfolio. The money (even the supplemental tax help) goes to, guess who?  The private market insurance companies!
Ala-American Style.

It might also interest all those "big business" politicians that Obama is not selling bugged computer programs. They're being bough and paid for from contractors in the "private" sector who usually have no qualms in dumping crap in the market until the budget (and more usually) is sucked bone dry.  Then, the bugs seem to either disappear are at least greatly reduce in numbers.

That's the way  the "big business" private free market system works and they are the ones who  need to get the speeches and criticisms, not those who, including our President, are stuck in crony capitalism's quagmire.

We might also want to inform all those talented middle-aged clowns on the Hill that are not all that savvy when it comes to technology, that the bugs are here to stay guys. Technology without bugs is not technology.

Even though the average American consumer is somewhat naive and gullible; believing the commercials to be true, they are not dumb. How many Americans dumped their shinny iPhones in their trash cans when their app-maps sent them home via China?

Bugs are built in to electronics. The only one's that don't have them are the one's that are not turned on (only because they don't come out in the dark).

So, rather than waste time and taxpayer dollars conducting circus side shows in the halls of Congress disguised as fact finding committees, asking silly questions they already know the answers to these near sighted clueless elected officials might want to go about doing their jobs and providing Americans the best healthcare ever. That's how they can make "America Strong" (and healthy).

So, common guys and gals from the red side of the isle. Suck it up. Grow some (you know whats) and take on the bug problem, not healthcare for Americans. Believe it or not that's what you were elected to do, get paid to do, and get some free government healthcare to boot. Bugs and all.