Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-5-13

As for being President; history books will sort that out once Republicans let the schools use real one's.

I recently laid praise at the feet of someone I thought brought sound, moral leadership to the Republican party. His name was Ike. I liked Ike!

So, I believe it's only fair to point out what a disaster Republicans wrought upon themselves when they opted for a movie "actor" (B-grade at that) to lead them. Even a wild pack of wolves have more sense than that when selecting a leader.

Nice smile? Yes. Sort of handsome? Yes?  Pretty good at reading his lines? Well? He couldn't even remember who he put in charge of kicking off his Contra/Iran fiasco. Sadly, I believe he didn't know. The only thought that comes to mind; "Straw Dog." which will probably evoke numerous accusations that I've crossed the "red line."

Was the "Gipper" a nice guy overall? I'd say yes.  Which is why I often wonder what the Republicans had on the agenda when they chose him? Especially, given how they feel about "nice" guys, finishing last and all. If I recall there was a Bush hiding in Reagan's shadow. Sort of like the Cheney in Bush Jr's.

Nice guy. Easy to look at and listen to but much better suited to co-star with the Hollywood bozo's than those in Washington.

Why put a Hollywood actor in the job of leader of the free world? I'd venture to guess why, but, out of respect for all the streets, airports, public buildings and schools they hung the Reagan label on it would be seen as blasphemous to desecrate the name.  And, hell, if that what it takes to get Republicans to cough up a little more tax revenue for a school or bridge then it's worth biting my lip.

Maybe, just maybe, if we were to rename our healthcare law, the Ronald Reagan Affordable Healthcare Law we could easily stop all the whining and threats that constantly flow out of the mouths of the "Reaganites".Would they dare to attack anything Reagan?

If nothing else he was a great cheerleader; though a mediocre actor; as compared to, say, Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln or Rob Lowe as Kennedy. The major difference is that these guys just acted the parts where Reagan actually lived it.  A tragic disservice to him and the country.