Thursday, October 12, 2017


The answer is obviously no since they had multiple chances to stop killing after their first victim, and then the next, and the next.

The same applies to serial rapists/predators like Harvey Weinstein who had numerous chances to change his ways over the period of many years as some of his braver victims came forward to confront him.

Each of those confrontations provided Harvey with the opportunity (chance) to change his ways; he chose the opposite.

Asking for a second chance after getting caught? Sounds like a slick ploy to me.

Harvey Weinstein Speaks: ‘We All Make Mistakes’ - The Daily Beast

Sunday, August 27, 2017


It's common knowledge that Bill Maher is a pot head so we expect to see someone who is not too quick on the draw, but now it looks like Bill might be indulging in some other magical potions to offset that because he definitely showing all the signs of someone "tweaking" when it comes to Donald Trump.

For months now his show has been packed full of Trump bashers who; with prompts from Maher, incessantly trash talk Trump, his family, and anyone else remotely associated with him.


Trump's startling victory last fall has been a boon for comics across the country, but Maher, who routinely calls the president a "whiny little bitch," got there early. 

In 2013, he mocked Trump's birtherism by offering $5 million if Trump could prove that he wasn't the love child of an orange-haired orangutan. The future president, determined to prove himself a thin-skinned primate by other means, sued over the joke, allowing Maher to carry on, in his words, "a three-month national debate over whether his mother fucked an ape." 

The week after his Putin joke, Maher would pantomime Ivanka Trump jerking off her father to keep him calm.

Yet while Maher has never hidden the joy he takes in busting on Trump—or, for that matter, his broadly Democratic leanings—he has distinguished himself from John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers by sucker-punching the Left as gleefully as he does the Right. Before introducing his panel, he talked one-on-one with Elizabeth Warren, the senior senator from Massachusetts, about why Americans chronically vote against their interests. Maher didn't miss a chance to needle her with one of Trump's own epithets. Attempting to explain the Democrats' dismal fortunes with working-class voters, he told her, "They don't like you, Pocahontas." Warren didn't respond to the insult, choosing instead to stare a hole through her host's high forehead.

A few weeks later, Maher would answer a joke by Nebraska senator Ben Sasse with a similarly tone-deaf response. When Sasse extended an invitation to come work in Nebraska's fields, Maher playacted surprise and said, "I'm a house nigger." Whereas the Pocahontas remark prompted another round of an ancient Internet dispute—whether Maher is a misogynist, a dick, or a fearless political savant—the comment to Sasse sparked universal outrage. HBO called it "completely inexcusable and tasteless," and many clamored for Maher to be fired.

But that was in the future. The night Maher spoke to Warren, Rob Reiner, a panelist, waited outside Maher's dressing room after the show to say goodbye. "He doesn't suffer any kind of bullshit," Reiner told me. He expressed the Platonic ideal of Bill Maher: "If there's a sliver of bullshit, he does not accept it. And that I love."

Thursday, August 24, 2017


It appears the intelligence community is being used by the Establishment to take another shot at POTUS but is again ending up with egg on their face(s).

Clapper is a terrible attack dog because he does not come across as truthful; having a difficult time making eye contact with his interviewers ans always sounding uncertain about what he has to say; overly cautious.

James Clapper Reveals Contents Of “Beautiful Letter” To Donald Trump | Deadline

Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper spoke to CNN this afternoon about the letter President Donald Trump nastily referenced this morning on Twitter.

Snarking that Clapper, who had questioned Trump’s fitness for office in the wake of his response to the violence in Charlottsville, “is now an authority on Donald Trump,” POTUS added, “Will he show you his beautiful letter to me?”

Clapper told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he can’t show the letter because he did not keep a copy. But, he explained, the night before the presidential election, he hand-wrote “almost identical short notes to each of the two candidates to accompany the first brief as President-elect; only one actually got deployed — the one to him.”

The undelivered note to Hillary Clinton “congratulated her on her victory and said the intelligence community stood by to serve her with the best intelligence it could muster,” Tapper reported, noting the letter to Trump “said the same thing.”

Thursday, August 17, 2017


One look at how the alt left movement is acting and what they are saying the argument that they are not equivalent to those of the alt right is questionable.

A Missouri state senator said in a now-deleted Facebook post that she hopes President Donald Trump is assassinated.

Maria Chappelle-Nadal acknowledged on Thursday that she wrote a post which read: “I hope Trump is assassinated!”

She made the comment in an exchange with a left-wing activist who claimed that his cousin is a Secret Service agent.

The tragic events in Charlottesville were a microcosm of a bigger problem.

For the last two years, the media and the anti-Trump masses have mostly remained silent on the political violence coming from the [Neocon] “left”. In fact, it seems as if the institutionalized media has condoned and celebrated the violence and repeatedly have dubbed them“peaceful demonstrations”.

Contrast this with the political and media efforts to paint a different picture of the alt-right;

Virginia State Police: There Were No Weapons Caches Hidden in Charlottesville, Despite 
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has been making a lot of claims about the white supremacist protesters that descended upon Charlottesville last weekend, mainly about how the police handled the violent situation.

In an interview with prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson, McAuliffe claimed that the Virginia State Police were outgunned by the white supremacists and neo-Nazis. As a result, the police were hesitant to break up their violent conflict with counter-protesters and Antifa.

McAuliffe told Mckesson that the protesters had weapons cacheshidden around the city:

“They had battering rams and, you know, we had picked up different weapons they had stashed around the city. This was a powder keg. This was a very volatile situation. And I'll once again say, I am very proud of our team on the ground. Nobody hurt except for those people hit by the car and you couldn't stop that.”

That sounds perfectly logical, except for the fact the police have refuted the governor's claims numerous times since then.

NY Times Reporter Admits Antifa Protesters In Charlottesville Were 'Hate-Filled' And Violent Before Left Forces Her To Backtrack

New York Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg made the mistake of admitting that along with the abhorrent, violent, white supremacists who terrorized Charlottesville over the weekend, many Antifa protesters were also enacting "hate-filled" violence, as they've done in several other cities in recent months. For noting that the "hard left seemed as hate-filled as the alt-right" — citing "club-wielding 'antifa' beating white nationalists being led out of the park" — Stolberg was hammered online, even after repenting and issuing a correction that depicted the violent left in more heroic terms.

"A few wrap-it-up thoughts from Charlottesville: 1. Striking how many of the white nationalists were young people, almost entirely men," she wrote in a series of tweets Sunday. "2. The hard left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right. I saw club-wielding 'antifa' beating white nationalists being led out of the park[.] 3. Among my unanswered questions: police response. Why did things get out of hand so quickly? Could violence have been prevented?"

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Racism is a large part of our heritage.

Our Founding Fathers were by todays standards, white supremacists and hard core racists. In fact the seeds of the racism we experience today were planted in the Constitution itself; The Three-Fifths Clause of the United States Constitution (1787)

Let's not forget that the majority of these white men believed that not all people were created equal and in fact were slave owners themselves;  How many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves?
Our first President; and a few others after him, were slave owners So how many presidents owned slaves?

Removing statues from parks and censuring certain vocabulary will not change facts or our history. In fact the hypocrisy inherent in these actions is blatant given that we continue to immortalize a number of these historical figures on our currency; Presidents Whom Owned Slaves: 4 Are on Currency

It comes as no surprise that the Establishment and Main Stream Media have come out in force to portray Trump as the one and only instigator of racism, bigotry and violence in the streets of America today.

 It is also not surprising that Trump is not playing his part as expected by those on both sides who continue to wish him harm.

In a remarkable news conference in the lobby of Trump Tower Trump called out both sides of the Establishment,

President Donald Trump blamed the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday on both sides of the conflict, equating the white supremacists on one side with the "alt-left" on the other side.

"I think there is blame on both sides," he said.

“What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say, the alt-right, do they have any semblance of guilt?" Trump said. "What about the fact they came charging with clubs in hands, swinging clubs, do they have any problem, I think they do."

He added: "You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. nobody wants to say it, but I will say it right now.”

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


What is the one thing that promotes bipartisan cooperation in US politics?

One would hope it would be to serve America by doing the "peoples business" but if that's what you thought you would be wrong.

The one thing that motivates politicians to close ranks is self preservation. Party affiliations become insignificant; Democrat or Republican they all smell the same in what Trump called the "cesspool"

Corruption Scandals Are Piling Up for Democrats

So, it should come as no surprise that there was  overwhelming bipartisan support in both houses of Congress in sanctioning the Russians who we are being told are responsible for exposing corruption (meddling) in our political system.

Given the lack of interest in Russian bogeyman tactics the Establishment has been unable to dissuade Main Street Americans in supporting Trump; an anti-establishment outsider who has proven to be a formidable threat to their ability to control the electorate and/or national agenda.

This latest move is another desperate attempt by the Establishment to take America back from the people;

Trump signs Russia sanctions bill but blasts Congress  In a pair of statements, the president said parts of the law violate the Constitution.

The bill enjoyed wide bipartisan support. The House passed the sanctions by a vote of 419-3, and the Senate cleared it 98-2 — making any presidential veto futile and sure to be overridden.

With multiple investigations into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, a veto also would have been politically disastrous.

After weeks of waffling, the White House confirmed over the weekend that Trump would sign the bill.

The White House still sought to characterize the bill as a win, with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying in a statement on Friday that Trump “negotiated regarding critical elements of it” and decided to sign it “based on its responsiveness to his negotiations.”

The statement Wednesday also contained a warning — not to Russia, but to Congress.

“The Framers of our Constitution put foreign affairs in the hands of the President,” Trump said. “This bill will prove the wisdom of that choice.”

Friday, July 28, 2017


What better person to advocate for "health care for all" than John McCain who understands first hand why it is so important that all Americans; not just politicians , are entitled to have it.

How do Congress' lawmakers get health care?

McCain's office did not respond to CNN requests on how the former Republican presidential nominee, 80, gets his insurance, but according to a 2017 report by the Congressional Research Service, there are a number of options for lawmakers -- not to mention the fact that McCain was a decorated war hero and eligible for VA benefits.

The vast majority of congressional members and staffers get their insurance through the Washington, DC, exchange, known as DC Health Link. The exchange has a reputation for working well, in part because of its small, more manageable size, according to Alice Rivlin, a senior fellow in economic studies at the Brookings Institution's Center for Health Policy.In a moment of unexpected high drama, Republicans were stymied once again in their effort to repeal Obamacare — and they have John McCain to thank for it.

The senator who earned the nickname "Maverick" over his long tenure showed why in the early morning hours Friday.

McCain, who was diagnosed with brain cancer and returned to Washington to advance the health care bill, turned around and bucked his party's leadership — and President Trump — by joining two moderate Republicans and every Democrat in voting against the so-called "skinny repeal" of the Affordable Care Act.

Reforming health care in the US is priority one if this country is going to keep up with the rest of the civilized world;

New analysis shows many likely to live beyond 90 by 2030, but not Americans

Led by Imperial scientists in collaboration with the World Health Organization, the study found that among high-income countries, the United States is likely to have the lowest life expectancy in 2030, with men and women expecting to live 79.5 and 83.3 years respectively - similar to middle-income countries like Croatia and Mexico.

This was partly due to a lack of universal healthcare in the United States, and also due to factors such as relatively high child and maternal mortality rates, and high rates of homicides and obesity, the study said.
The problems with health care in the US as compared to the rest of the civilized countries is simple;

It's all about money; greed and self interests.

About $765 Billion Is Wasted Each Year on Health Care. Can You Help Us Find It?

ProPublica has been researching why the U.S. health care system is the most expensive in the world. One answer, broadly, is waste — some of it buried in practices that the medical establishment and the rest of us take for granted. We've documented how hospitals often discard pricey new supplies, how nursing homes trash valuable medications after patients die or move out, and how drug companies create expensive combinations of cheap drugs. Experts estimate such squandering eats up about $765 billion a year — as much as a quarter of all the country's health care spending.


Thursday, July 20, 2017


The question all American voters should be asking is; why are not all Americans provided with the same healthcare insurance that the politicians who represent them have?

If John McCain were uninsured, his surgery could have cost $76,000 - Vox

That’s more than the average annual American household income.

The fate of the GOP’s health reform plan right now hinges on Sen. John McCain’s recovery from a blood clot surgery. The health scare is also the perfect reminder of just how critical insurance can be — and how much protection from medical emergencies Americans stand to lose with the Better Care Reconciliation Act, the Senate Republicans’ plan to dismantle Obamacare.

According to a press release from McCain’s office, the senator had a craniotomy to remove a blood clot from above his left eye on Friday, July 14, at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s now “recovering comfortably at home.”

This weekend, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he’d delay the vote on the contentious Better Care Act until the Arizona Republican had returned to the Hill and could vote to start debate on the bill. (McConnell needs all the supportive votes he can get.)

There are at least four deeply ironic things about McCain’s health situation:

1) As Vox’s Dylan Scott explained, nothing less than a health emergency has thrown the GOP’s health reform plan into disarray.

2) The senator’s office is saying the blood clot was discovered during a routine physical, which is exactly the type of preventive service Obamacare expanded and the Better Care Act could curtail.

3) The craniotomy sounds like an emergency surgery (though McCain’s office would not confirm that). Obamacare required insurance plans sold in the individual market, the fully insured small-group market, and through Medicaid to cover a list of 10 “essential health benefits”, including emergency healthcare. The Better Care Act would allow health insurers to once again sell skimpier insurance plans that might not include such comprehensive benefits.

4) Life-saving surgeries like these would also be out of reach for more people if the GOP plan were to pass, since it’s expected to leave millions more Americans without insurance compared to Obamacare.

To find out just how much the procedure would cost someone without insurance, we looked to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which publishes Medicare payments for more than 3,000 hospitals for inpatient procedures. We decided to go with the Medicare rate, since this is often used as a benchmark by experts for the cost of a procedure and it’s what the government considers reasonable to pay for a service.*

At the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix (line 1598 of this spreadsheet), the most recent data (2014) suggests the average charge to Medicare for a craniotomy was $76,119, while average Medicare payments ranged from $25,932 to $33,958.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


There's a difference between tabloid press and "reporting the news" the latter requiring discipline in adhering to objectivity and unbiased analysis of the people and events being reported on.

Tabloid press, on the other hand, thrives on the dramatic exaggeration of the news with little regard to accuracy of details or credibility and with the emphasis placed on entertainment value. The more far fetched, unbelievable, provocative or insulting it is, the better.

The army of pundits who represent these organizations march in lock step when it comes to promoting tabloid press rather than just reporting the news.

Now that it's backfired these same so-called news media organizations are claiming to be the victims of the reaction of what they label the "media-illiterate"  rather than the perpetrators of what perpetuated it.

Anti-journalism “smears, lies and death threats” are on the rise, says CNN’s Brian Stelter, who devoted, for the second consecutive week, a segment of his Reliable Sources Sunday chat show to issues surrounding President Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks against the news organization.

“These people, these trolls, they’re media-illiterate,” Stelter said of anonymous online commenters who harass reporters and trash the press as fake news with ties to ISIS. “They don’t really know how newsrooms work.”

Stelter and his panel of guests, including Daily Beast editor John Avlon, USA Today‘s Kirsten Powers and Ben Jacobs, the Guardian reporter body-slammed by then-GOP candidate (now Montana congressman) Greg Gianforte, said such online threats against journalists have soared since Trump took office.

CNN: Anti-Journalism “Smears, Lies And Death Threats” On The Rise | Deadline

Monday, June 26, 2017


CNN was caught with it's pants down reporting on a story that was false if not "fake."

So, where's all the "breaking news" flashing lights or the armies of pundits picking the story apart?

Not a peep can be heard. Not even on the unbiased PBS network.

Three CNN staffers resign over retracted Scaramucci-Russia story

Three CNN staffers have resigned following the publication and subsequent retraction of a story linking a Trump transition team member to the Russia-related investigations.

The piece, published late last week, cited an anonymous source saying the Senate Intelligence Committee was looking into the chief executive of a $10-billion Russian investment fund who met with financier Anthony Scaramucci before the inauguration.

The reporter, Pulitzer-prize nominee Thomas Frank, assistant managing editor Eric Lichtblau (who recently joined from the New York Times) and Lex Haris, the executive editor in charge of investigations, are all out.

"In the aftermath of the retraction of a story published on, CNN has accepted the resignations of the employees involved in the story's publication," CNN said in a statement.

According to a source familiar with the situation, Scaramucci called the CNN reporter and then Washington Bureau Chief Sam Feist on Friday after the story posted, and alluded to the possibility of a lawsuit if the piece was not taken down.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Establishment party politicians still don't get the message that all the money in the world is not going to buy American votes anymore. Those days are over.

Georgia Election Results: Handel Defeats Ossoff in U.S. House Race

Karen Handel, a Republican, defeated Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, in the most expensive U.S. House race in history. The election was largely seen as a referendum on the first months of Donald J. Trump’s presidency.

Main Street Americans made it clear by electing Trump POTUS that the days of politics as usual; Democrats and Republicans playing musical chairs and singing to the same tune by pandering to elites and ignoring everyone else need to change their ways or get out of politics. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


First it was just verbal insults, then threats that then escalated to comedians holding Trump looking bloodied severed heads, and now gunning down politicians that support Trump.

Man Who Opened Fire On GOP Lawmakers Is A Bernie Sanders Supporter, Called Trump A ‘Traitor’
Here's what is being said about the shooter;

“He was this union tradesman, pretty stocky, and we stayed up talking politics,” said Charles Orear, who volunteered with Hodgkinson in Quad City. “He was more on the really progressive side of things.”

Hodgkinson also held a strong disdain for Republicans and President Trump, his posts show. In one, he called President Trump an “asshole.”

“Want to Say Mr. President, for being an ass hole you are Truly the Biggest Ass Hole We Have Ever Had in the Oval Office,” he wrote.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


It appears that Ex-Director Comey's "showboating" may not serve him well in his latest campaign to bring down POTUS.

His undoing may come about because his "detailed" memos appear to be in direct contradiction to his previous testimony when asked, under oath, if he were ever pressured by anyone to drop an investigation.


Saturday, June 3, 2017


Why would anyone take Bill Maher seriously or hang on every word he mouths as if it were gospel?

What you see is what you get and what he delivers is what you'd expect from a pothead that spends most of his time in some degree of altered states of reality.

It reminds me of entertainers of old, like Steve Martin, who appeared on stage with a glass of their booze of choice in their hands. People laughed and no one took them seriously; rightly so.

Said Maher in a just-released statement to media outlets:

“Friday nights are always my worst night of sleep because I’m up reflecting on the things I should or shouldn’t have said on my live show. Last night was a particularly long night as I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment. The word was offensive and I regret saying it and am very sorry.”

HBO earlier today had condemned Maher’s uses of the racial slur, which came after Sasse told Maher he could visit Nebraska and “work in the fields with us.”

Said Maher: “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house…” then used the word that drew gasps from the audience, then some applause.

Said HBO today after a night of flaming on social media:

“Bill Maher’s comment last night was completely inexcusable and tasteless. We are removing his deeply offensive comment from any subsequent airings of the show.”

Bill Maher Backlash Grows After 'Real Time' Racial Slur; HBO Calls It 'Inexcusable'

Friday, June 2, 2017


No. It's not Trump!

If you want an earful of whining and groaning you need go no further than listening to Hillary Clinton.

It’s been seven months since Hillary Clinton lost the race for the White House to Donald Trump. And as the former Democratic Party presidential nominee has slowly grown comfortable publicly rolling out a line like, “I take responsibility for every decision I make — but that’s not why I lost” to Trump, even her most ardent supporters have grown just as publicly tired of her statements.

Based on a conversation at a conference sponsored by Recode this week, it is clear that Clinton has spent plenty of time analyzing the myriad issues that ultimately lost her a second bid for the White House. Casually mentioning “bots that are just out of control” and suggesting that Russian hackers were aided by U.S. citizens, Clinton got as honest about her campaign as she’s ever been — drawing accusations of deflection from her fellow Democrats.

Even Hillary Clinton’s supporters are telling her to “move on”


She's perfect! She embodies everything Main Street Americans rebelled against in the last election.

Kathy Griffin’s press conference became, like her controversial picture of Donald Trump itself, a provocative, memorable and somewhat unhinged work of performance art.

Veering wildly from clever jokes and somewhat off-track political pronouncements to genuine apologies, Griffin and her lawyer Lisa Bloom went on the offensive with teeth bared.

The two placed the comedian’s shocking comic picture — one that showed her holding a facsimile of President Donald Trump’s bloodied severed head — within the context of Griffin’s left-wing political stances and career of boundary-pushing comedy. While emphasizing that they were standing by her apology, they also framed — perhaps quite rightly — the backlash against Griffin as being symptomatic of misogyny and authoritarian repression that (from their vantage point) is far more troubling than anything Griffin herself has said or done.


Thursday, May 25, 2017


It seems the Democratic wing of the political Establishment has a learning disorder.

They and the Main Stream Media still operate as if they are in control of the narrative and the electorate.

Woe is those who continue down this deluded path on the road to 2018.

Montana Special Election Results: Greg Gianforte, Republican, Wins Amid Assault Charge : NPR

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Breaking News: (or should we say Breaking Wind?)

All the major Main Stream Media (MSM) news outlets; including PBS, are reporting that all seven of the Intelligence Agencies are confirm that President Trump "farted" on Air Force One while en-route to an undisclosed destination somewhere in Russia.

The concern levels are so high that both House and Congressional Committees on Environmental Protection have opened hearings and summoned all the heads of the intelligence agencies to testify.

Some members of Congress are demanding that impeachment proceedings be started post haste.

When asked to comment President Trump excused himself and said he had to go potty.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


The hype about Russia meddling in our politics that's generated by the political Establishment is nothing more than a distraction at the least and/or an attempted political coup at worst.

Official Washington has the Russia-gate scandal almost 180-degrees wrong; it is not about protecting democracy, but about pushing Americans into more wars, the true scandal that is being missed, writes Daniel Lazare.

The Washington Post and New York Times editors are trying to relive the glory days of their youth by comparing Trump’s firing of FBI chief James Comey to Richard Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre at the height of Watergate. Donald Trump, it seems, is a threat to democracy just as Tricky Dick was more than 40 years ago, so the only thing that can save us is a special prosecutor who will get to the bottom of Russia-gate once and for all.

But not only is this nonsense, it’s pernicious nonsense that itself amounts to a cover-up. Here’s how Russia-gate is not the same as Watergate and why, in fact, it’s the opposite:

The Scandal Hidden Behind Russia-gate – Consortiumnews

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Looks like Steve is getting a little of his own medicine and might actually come away with a hard earned lesson on how not to late nite talk show comedy; first and foremost to remember that that's what he is. A comedian.

“Let me introduce you to something we call The Tiffany Way,” Colbert told Trump, in absentia, that night. “When you insult one member of the CBS family you insult us all.”

Then, Colbert got down to business:

“Mr. Trump, I love your presidency. I call it Disgrace the Nation.”

“Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine.”

“You have more people marching against you than cancer.”

“You talk like a sign-language gorilla that got hit in the head. In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster.”

Two days later, Colbert opened the show telling viewers, “if you saw my monologue on Monday, you know that I was a little upset at Donald Trump for insulting a friend of mine. So at the end of that monologue I had a few choice insults for the president in return.

“I don’t regret that,” Colbert grinned. His studio audience erupted in wild applause and cheers.

“He, I believe, can take care of himself. I have jokes; he has the launch codes. So, it’s a fair fight.

“So while I would do it again, I would change a few words that were cruder than they needed to be. Now, I’m not going to repeat the phrase. I just want to say, for the record: life is short, and anyone who expresses their love for another person, in their own way, is, to me, an American hero. And I think we can all agree on that. I hope even the president and I can agree on that. Nothing else – but, that.”

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


After seemingly taking the blame for wrecking her campaign Hillary once again shifts all the responsibility to everybody other than her self. 

It was the FBI's fault she lost. No, it was the Russians! 

Once again Hillary and the Establishment paint her as the victim ignoring the facts that clearly show she was the worse possible choice and, in nominating her, the Establishment was doomed to fail. 

Appearing Tuesday at the annual Women for Women luncheon in New York City, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took personal responsibility for her loss in the 2016 election while also pinning blame on FBI Director James Comey and “Russian WikiLeaks.” 

Asked by interviewer Christiane Amanpour whether she’s accepted some responsibility for failing to counter Donald Trump’s “successful message,” Clinton said: “Of course. I take absolutely personal responsibility. I was the candidate. I was the person who was on the ballot.” 

Shortly thereafter, however, she told the audience, “I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28th and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off. And the evidence for that intervening event is, I think, compelling, persuasive.”

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Remember back in 2008 when Obama made sure that Wall Street banks got bailed out while at the same time ignoring the plight of Main Street Americans who had to foot the bill?

Well, it looks like those favors will not go unrewarded, though it's not going to be Main Street that reaps the benefits.

Former president to receive $400,000 for a speech while most Americans have under $500 in their savings accounts

According to a new report, former President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak at a Wall Street conference and will receive $400,000 for his services. The conference is organized by Cantor Fitzgerald, an investment firm that was fined $22.5 million in 2016 for aiding and abetting illegal gambling and $7.3 million in 2015 for selling unregistered microcap shares.

The report was scoffed at by neo-liberals who staunchly defend Hillary Clinton’s ties to Wall Street. Throughout her presidential campaign, she delivered speeches to Goldman Sachs and other banks. Clinton loyalist and former adviser Peter Daou tweeted, “I’d like to hear what @BernieSanders has to say. Will he call Obama corrupt? Will he contemptuously say, “Must be some speech”?” Sanders should, and if he does, he would be right on both accounts. There is no benefit to the Democratic Party or its voters for the party leadership to ingrain themselves with Wall Street firms.

During a speech on April 24, Obama said, “Because of money and politics, special interests dominate the debates in Washington in ways that don’t match up with what the broad majority of Americans feel.” He is right, and people also feel that way because public officials court those special interests immediately upon leaving office. The solution to getting money out of politics isn’t politicians getting paid by financial firms to give a speech, stacking cabinet and advisory positions with former bankers, or accepting millions of dollars of campaign donations from them.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Even though this might be a first for social media (Facebook) it is not new in the general world of media.

Homicide or Hoax? A Brief History of 1976’s SNUFF

Police say a man killed someone on Facebook Live and a manhunt is underway Sunday.

The suspect broadcast the killing on Facebook Live around 2 p.m. ET, police said, and has claimed to have committed multiple other homicides which are yet to be verified.

Facebook Live murder: Steve Stephens manhunt in Cleveland - CBS News

Thursday, April 6, 2017


No matter how hard they try these political hacks will sooner or later be outed and subsequently cop to their dastardly deeds.

Susan Rice Keeps Changing Answer On Unmasking Trump | The Daily Caller

Though Barack Obama’s national security adviser at first feigned ignorance, once it was revealed that she was the one who made the dozens of requests seeking to unmask the identities of the associates, Rice defended her actions by saying they were for national security reasons and not politically motivated.

Read more:

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Both the Establishment and Main Stream Media just can't get it right when it comes to Trump. Why?

Simply put, he doesn't play by their rules.

Most politicians would not dare turn down invites from the MSM out of fear of  getting "bad" press. Not so  with Trump. In fact he miraculously thrives on negative press because the worse it is the more the American people reject it. 

White House to skip Correspondents' Dinner

No White House staff will attend next month’s White House Correspondents' Dinner in “solidarity” with their boss, Donald Trump, who is the first president to skip the dinner in decades.

"The White House informed the White House Correspondents’ Association this evening that White House staff will not be attending this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner out of “solidarity” with President Trump, who has previously announced that he would skip the event,” WHCA President Jeff Mason said in a letter sent to the organization.

"The WHCA board regrets this decision very much. We have worked hard to build a constructive relationship with the Trump White House and believe strongly that this goal is possible even with the natural tension between the press and administrations that is a hallmark of a healthy republic. We made clear in our meeting tonight that President Trump, Vice President Pence, and White House staff continue to be welcome to join us at this dinner.”

Friday, March 31, 2017


Do you believe the Russians are "meddling" in your life?

Have they poisoned the food and water supplies?

Are you taking bids from contractors to build a bunker in your back yard?

It’s almost getting comical how everything that happens in the United States gets blamed on Russia! Russia! Russia! And, if any American points out the absurdity of this argument, he or she must be a “Moscow stooge” or a “Putin puppet.”

When Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign fails seemingly because he was a wet-behind-the-ears candidate who performed like a robot during debates repeating the same talking points over and over, you might have cited those shortcomings to explain why “Little Marco” flamed out. However, if you did, that would make you a Russian “useful idiot”! The “real” reason for his failure, as we learned from Thursday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, was Russia!

When Americans turned against President Obama’s Pacific trade deals, you might have thought that it was because people across the country had grown sick and tired of these neoliberal agreements that have left large swaths of the country deindustrialized and former blue-collar workers turning to opioids and alcohol. But if you did think that, that would mean you are a dupe of the clever Russkies, as ex-British spy Christopher Steele made clear in one of his “oppo” research reports against Donald Trump. As Steele’s dossier explained, the rejection of Obama’s TPP and TTIP trade deals resulted from Russian propaganda!

When Hillary Clinton boots a presidential election that was literally hers to lose, you might have thought that she lost because she insisted on channeling her State Department emails through a private server that endangered national security; that she gave paid speeches to Wall Street and tried to hide the contents from the voters; that she called half of Donald Trump’s supporters “deplorables”; that she was a widely disliked establishment candidate in an anti-establishment year; that she was shoved down the throats of progressive Democrats by a Democratic Party hierarchy that made her nomination “inevitable” via the undemocratic use of unelected “super-delegates”; that some of her State Department emails were found on the laptop of suspected sex offender Anthony Weiner (the husband of Clinton’s close aide Huma Abedin); and that the laptop discovery caused FBI Director James Comey to briefly reopen the investigation of Clinton’s private email server in the last days of the campaign.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Now that the President has been able to verify that he and his campaign were spied upon by the Obama Adminstration the Establishment will used the "incidental" spin to squirm out of the tight spot they find themselves in.

Incidental or not the fact is that there was spying going on that partly targeted Trump and his campaign and the information gathered was illegally leaked by the inteligence community to attack Trump.

Trump has once again thwarted the plot by throwing the information out into the public stage and once again beating the plotters at their own game.

Two White House officials reportedly provided House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes with the intelligence information he claimed as proof there was “incidental” surveillance of Trump associates prior to inauguration.

 Nunes has been under fire over his credibility and integrity surrounding the committee’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, and whether Trump campaign officials colluded with Russia. The California-based lawmaker had been unable to explain why he decided to travel to the White House the night before making the revelation about “incidental” surveillance, fueling concerns that he might have colluded with the White House to release information that allegedly vindicates Trump for his own unverified claims he was “wiretapped” by President Obama. 

The officials were identified to the Times as Ezra Cohen-Watnick, an intelligence director at the National Security Council, and Michael Ellis, a national security lawyer in the White House Counsel’s Office and former intelligence committee staffer. Nunes spokesman Jack Langer said in a statement that Nunes “will not confirm or deny speculation about his source’s identity, and he will not respond to speculation from anonymous sources.”


Report: Two White House Officials Gave Nunes Intel on ‘Incidental’ Surveillance - The Daily Beast

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


What does it say about the Democrats (Establishment) and former president Obama when the person they claimed to be the most qualified candidate for POTUS in history lost to who they said was the worse candidate ever in history?

Simply put, these people are out of touch with America; comfortably locked up in gated communities and high rise apartments on the East and West coasts.

It comes as no surprise that Hillary was in her element when she came out of hiding at a West Coast gathering of the elites. Nor will it shock anyone to hear that she was bad mouthing Trump much to the delight of her latte-sipping fans.

A few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton announcedthat she was ready to come “out of the woods.” Now, she's back in the spotlight for good, sporting a hefty leather jacket no less, after losing to Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Speaking at a diversity conference in San Francisco, Clinton began her speech with a joke about the seemingly heartbreaking loss:

"I am thrilled to be out of the woods and in the company of so many inspiring women...And there’s no place I’d rather be than here with you — other than the White House.

Obviously the outcome of the election wasn't the one I hoped for, worked for, but I will never stop speaking out for common sense benefits that will allow moms and dads to stay on the job."

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Ex-CIA Officer Claims Trump Likely Right About ‘Wiretaps’ — and It's 'Worse Than Watergate'

Two weeks have passed since President Donald Trump tweeted accusations of 'wiretapping' directed at the Obama administration, and the responses are still all over the map.

With new information brought up by House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA), the claims were thrust back into the spotlight — and former CIA senior intelligence officer, Col. Tony Shaffer made an appearance on “Fox and Friends” on March 25 to discuss the topic.

He began by stating that the “basic fundamentals” of the president's claims were true, although he suggested that it wasn't a literal “wiretap” of Trump Tower — but rather a more general data collection that affected the entire campaign team.

“We know that there was some data collected that was not related to the Russia investigation or the Russia issue that has now come forward.”

Fox News Insider reported:

He said that Trump was not physically wiretapped, with a wire into his phone, and it may not have physically been Trump Tower, but his campaign apparatus instead.

Shaffer said that due to the simplicity required to “mask” an American's name during an incidental wiretap, that the leak of Gen. Michael Flynn's name was “accidental on purpose.”

“Clearly they were after gossip because it was political,” Shaffer said, maintaining that the alleged wiretap had nothing to do with Russia.

The “political appointees” in the intelligence community knew exactly what they were surveilling for, Shaffer said, adding that the case is “much worse than Watergate by an order of magnitude.”

Washington Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward, who reported on much of the Watergate scandal, noted during an interview with Bill O'Reilly that the legality of the surveillance was questionable — and that revealing the names was likely criminal.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Mosul residents say U.S.-led coalition airstrikes killed scores of people - The Washington Post


It's an American past time.Those "15 minutes of fame" that people franticly crave to make them feel like someone special. Many take desperate measures and some will go so far as to exploit the dead as witnessed at the Democratic Convention when an until then unknown immigration lawyer climbed up on the stage with his wife in tow to unleash an attack on Donald Trump using the death of his son as a weapon.

Well, it looks like this guy is hooked on getting media attention and will go to any length to get it;

After Suggesting US Banned Him from Travelling, Khizr Khan Comes Clean About What Really Happened

During election season, Khizr Khan gained national attention with his impassionedspeech at the Democratic National Convention, sparking a feud with then-candidate Donald Trump in the process.

Since then, the Gold Star father has remained publicly critical of President Trump, particularly in terms of his executive orders on immigration.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


It definitely was not the Russians. 

House Intel Chair: Trump’s Personal Communications May Have Been Captured In Sweep

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes revealed on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill, Nunes said that there have been “significant developments” in his committee’s investigation into any Obama administration surveillance of the Trump team.

“I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump transition,” Nunes said.

“Details about U.S. persons associated with the incoming administration, details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value, were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting.”

Read more:

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


It's the "Devil made me do it" defense.

All the lying, cheating, bribing, colluding, and general chicanery the Democratic wing of the Establishment did is the Russians fault.

Last October, a Wikileaks release revealed that Brazile had emailed officials of the Clinton campaign multiple times to make them aware of questions that would arise during Clinton’s debates with Senator Bernie Sanders.

Brazile initially denied she had done this, stating, “I did not receive any questions from CNN,” she said in a Fox News interview last October. “As a Christian woman I understand persecution, but I will not stand here and be persecuted because your information is totally false.” She refused to apologize for her actions, at one point stating, “My conscience – as an activist, a strategist – is very clear” and making vague claims that the emails were altered.

However, several news outlets verified the authenticity of the documents through digital identifiers from the DNC servers.

Now it seems Brazile is changing her tune. In her essay, she states that passing the questions to the Clinton campaign was “a mistake I will forever regret.” Yet, she falls short of connecting her role in the primary corruption with larger problems in the DNC, echoing the mainstream media and the Democratic party by blaming the Russians for Trump’s victory:

Donna Brazile: Passing debate questions to Clinton campaign was “a mistake I will forever regret” - NationofChange

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


If reports are accurate it looks like Obama stumbled all over himself in trying to take down Trump.

it also confirms the obvious that Obama is paid for and controlled by the Establishment and, like Hillary, a danger to this country.

If the reports turn out to be inaccurate it still makes for good tabloid press that the Main Stream Media feeds on like a rabid dog in heat.

Three separate intelligence sources believe that former President Obama veered ‘outside the chain of command’ and employed British surveillance agents to conduct surveillance on Donald Trump’s team prior to the election, according to a legal analyst.

Judge Andrew Napolitano revealed on ‘Fox & Friends’ this morning that the sources spilled the details to him as the controversial case continues to dominate headlines.

“Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command,” Napolitano said. “He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use the Department of Justice.”

“He used GCHQ.” Napolitano explained.

“What the heck is GCHQ? That’s the initials for the British spying agency. They have 24/7 access to the NSA database.” The Judge explained.

Napolitano noted that this was done to secure plausible deniability. In other words, even if the Obama administration did spy on Trump, there may never be a way to prove it.

“So by simply having two people go to them saying, ‘President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump, conversations involving president-elect Trump,’ he’s able to get it, and there’s no American fingerprints on this. ”Napolitano added.

Napolitano also noted that the sources have informed him that the individual who personally ordered the surveillance, who remains unnamed “[r]esigned three days after Trump was inaugurated.”

The case continues to evolve after the Justice Department requested additional time Monday to gather and present evidence of the alleged surveillance to the House Intelligence Committee. It was granted until March 20th to comply with committee’s request to stump up evidence.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


It looks like Wikileaks once again comes to the rescue by foiling what look like an attempt by the Establishment to hurt Trump and by default this country and it's citizens. 

WikiLeaks’ disclosure of documents revealing CIA cyber-spying capabilities underscores why much more skepticism should have been applied to the U.S. intelligence community’s allegations about Russia “hacking” last year’s American presidential election. It turns out that the CIA maintains a library of foreign malware that could be used to pin the blame for a “hack” on another intelligence service

Fresh Doubts about Russian ‘Hacking’


One of the creatures thats popped up while the swamp is being drained turns out to be one of Hillary's closest cronies who also happened to be on the Russians payroll.

Democratic super lobbyist Tony Podesta failed to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) when he agreed to represent Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank.

Sberbank allegedly has close ties to Russia’s intelligence services, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned.

Marc Raimondi, the national security spokesman at the Department of Justice, confirmed to TheDCNF that Sberbank never registered with the department under FARA. It did not directly register nor was it registered through any other agency such as the Podesta Group.

“The FARA Registration Unit personnel conducted a search related to your questions and can confirm that the search terms — Sberbank CIB USA, Inc., or Sberbank — are not currently (nor previously have been) registered under FARA,” he informed TheDCNF in an email.
 Podesta Didn’t Register As A ‘Foreign Agent’ When He Represented A Bank With Ties To Russian Spy Agencies

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Of course they do. Less we forget their infamous "Iraq has WMD's"

That isn't going to stop them from trying to convince Americans otherwise by using popular standup comics to promote their position;

Donald Trump Not Wiretapped By Obama, Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Tells Stephen Colbert

On Saturday morning, at 6:35 in the morning the president tweeted that Barack Obama wiretapped him in Trump Tower. Is that possible?” CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert asked Michael Hayden, the retired United States Air Force four-star general who is former Director of the National Security Agency, and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.


Is the President on to something when he says that his phones were wiretapped?
Is the Intelligence Community complicit in hacking and tapping Americans under the guise of looking for terrorists?
It appears that it's not just the Russians that are hacking into the lives of private citizens and organizations in other countries. 
WikiLeaks Exposes CIA’s Covert Global Hacking Program

The documents, which include more than 70,000 redactions, show how CIA hackers use malware, trojan viruses and other tools to convert electronics, including phones and smart TVs, into covert microphones used for spying. The group also says there are documents showing that the CIA uses the U.S. consulate in Frankfurt as a covert hacker base for its European operations.

Among the most salacious revelations in the WikiLeaks release come from documents showing how CIA developed techniques to hack Samsung smart TVs with British intelligence services. The malware, called Weeping Angel, records audio while the target of the hack believes the TV is turned off.

One of the documents released on Tuesday purportedly shows that the CIA was working on a program as of Oct. 2014 that would infect the vehicle control systems of certain cars and trucks.

“The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations,” WikiLeaks asserts.

The group also claims that the documents show that the CIA has developed techniques that allow it to bypass encryption used by secret text messaging programs like WhatsApp, Signal, and Confide.

In its explainer, WikiLeaks attempts to capitalize on the recent debate about whether President Obama spied on President Trump prior to the election. Trump made the unfounded claim on Twitter on Saturday.

Read more:

Monday, March 6, 2017


Obama and the FBI deny wire tapping of American citizens by saying "it's simply not true" assuming that Americans will "simply" go along.

Less we forget Presidents do order wire tapping American citizens

How about the FBI?

Let's fast forward to  the hear and now to quell any doubts that this is was all in the past; ancient history.


Edward Snowden: Leaks that exposed US spy programme

A Bunch Of Questions (And Some Answers) About Trump’s Wiretap Claims

Donald Trump’s claim over the weekend that President Obama ordered wiretaps on his phones has raised many more questions than answers about the ongoing probe of Trump advisers’ possible ties to the Russian government.

In a now legendary tweet, Trump claimed that he had “just found out” that President Obama “had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory.”

“Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” Trump claimed.

So what’s going on? Here are all the questions raised by Trump’s tweets.

Read more:


Sunday, March 5, 2017


It is becoming abundantly clear that the political Establishment (comprised mostly of East and West coast elitists) is hellbent on taking down Trump even if it means hurting America.

The obsessive hysteria that is being spewed by the Main Stream Media that panders to it not only diminishes the institutions that make up this democracy but creates an opportunity for this countries enemies to hurt us.

The accusations abound but their is no real proof to back any of them up. Only opinions and assessments by those who overtly (and covertly) oppose Trump. 

Placing Americans in harms way for political gain is un-American and needs to be resoundingly rejected by all Americans regardless of party affiliation. 

Official Washington’s Russia hysteria has reached such proportions that New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman has even compared the alleged Russian hacking of Democratic emails to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, two incidents that led the United States into violent warfare. On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, Friedman demanded that the hacking allegations be taken with the utmost seriousness: “That was a 9/11 scale event. They attacked the core of our democracy. That was a Pearl Harbor scale event. … This goes to the very core of our democracy.”

But what really goes to “the very core of our democracy” is the failure to deal with this issue – or pretty much any recent issue – with the sobriety and the seriousness that should accompany a question of war or peace. Just as Friedman and other “star” journalists failed to ask the necessary questions about Iraq’s WMD or to show professional skepticism in the face of U.S. propaganda campaigns around the conflicts in Libya, Syria or Ukraine, they have not demanded any actual evidence from the Obama administration for its lurid claims about Russian “hacking.”

Before this madness goes any further, doesn’t anyone think that the U.S. intelligence community should lay its cards on the table regarding exactly what the evidence is that Russian intelligence purloined Democratic emails and then slipped them to WikiLeaks for publication? President Obama’s intelligence officials apparently went to great lengths to spread these allegations around – even passing the secrets around overseas – but they never told the American people what the evidence is. The two official reports dealing with the issue were laughably short on anything approaching evidence. They amounted to “trust us.”

Further, WikiLeaks representatives have indicated that the two batches of emails – one from the Democratic National Committee and the other from Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta – did not come from the Russians but rather from two different American insiders. That could be wrong – it is possible that Russian intelligence laundered the material through some American cutouts or used some other method to conceal Moscow’s hand – but Obama’s intelligence officials apparently don’t know how WikiLeaks obtained the emails. So, the entire “scandal” may rest upon a foundation of sand.

No ‘Fake News’

It’s also important to note that nothing that WikiLeaks published was false. There was no “fake news.” Indeed, a key reason why the emails were newsworthy at all was that they exposed misconduct and deception on the part of the Democrats and the Clinton campaign. The main point that the DNC emails revealed was that the leadership had violated its duty to approach the primary campaign even-handedly when instead they tilted the playing field against Sen. Bernie Sanders. Later, the Podesta emails revealed the contents of Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street bankers, which she was trying to hide from the voters, and the emails exposed some of the pay-to-play tactics of the Clinton Foundation.


The Main Stream Media operates on a double standard when it comes to making claims "without proof" in political witch hunts;

If claims without evidence; especially the Russian connection, are made against Trump they are touted as credible and valid even though they are just based on opinions and so-called assessments.

If, on the other hand, the claims are made against the Establishment; such as Obama wire taping Trump, they are soundly rejected as baseless if there's no proof to back them up.

And still, the MSM claims it is unbiased and just reporting the news.

[Trump, citing no evidence, accuses Obama of ‘Nixon/Watergate’ plot to wiretap Trump Tower]

The president tweeted that he “just found out” that Obama had “wires tapped” in Trump Tower before the election, comparing it to “McCarthyism.”

“Is it legal for a sitting President to be 'wire tapping' a race for president prior to an election?” Trump continued in another tweet. “Turned down by court earlier. A NEW LOW!”

In a statement, White House press secretary Sean Spicer cited “reports” of “potentially politically motivated investigations” during the 2016 campaign, calling them “troubling.” He did not disclose which reports the White House was basing its claim on.

“Reports concerning potentially politically motivated investigations immediately ahead of the 2016 election are very troubling,” Spicer said. “President Donald J. Trump is requesting that as part of their investigation into Russian activity, the congressional intelligence committees exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016.”

Friday, March 3, 2017


It's not surprising that a latte-sipping Hollywood has-been would blame Trump for their lousy performance.  Maybe the Russians also had something to do with it?

Schwarzenegger to leave 'Apprentice,' blames Trump

Arnold Schwarzenegger will not return for a second season of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice," blaming President Donald Trump’s affiliation as toxic for the show.

“With Trump being involved in the show, people have a bad taste and don't want to participate as a spectator or as a sponsor, or in any other way support the show,” Schwarzenegger, the former California governor, told the British film magazine Empire. “It's a very divisive period now and I think this show got caught up in all that division."

Thursday, March 2, 2017


 GWB was not about to allow the MSM to use him to spread their fake news to bash Trump.

Multiple news outlets, including The New York Times, ran stories suggesting that Bush's comments were a criticism of Trump. The NYT said:

Former President George W. Bush implicitly criticized President Trump on Monday, taking issue with his approach to immigration and the news media, and suggested that any ties between the new president’s team and Russia should be investigated.

But on Wednesday, Bush pushed back.

During a question-and-answer session at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, a stop on his book tour, Bush said that his comments on “Today” have been misconstrued:

“I’m asked the question, ‘Do I believe in free press?’ and the answer is absolutely, I believe in free press … because the press holds people to account.

Power is very addictive and it's corrosive if it becomes central to your life and therefore there needs to be an independent group of people who hold you to account.

And so I answered that question and of course the headlines were, ‘Bush criticizes Trump.’ And so therefore I needed to say, ‘There should be a free and independent press, but it ought to be accurate.’”

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


It's incessant and hysterical. The obsessive and frantic attempts by the Establishment to bring down Trump and, now, the US government.

Sessions met with Russian envoy twice last year, encounters he later did not disclose
Justice officials said Sessions met with Kislyak on Sept. 8 in his capacity as a member of the armed services panel rather than in his role as a Trump campaign surrogate.

“He was asked during the hearing about communications between Russia and the Trump campaign — not about meetings he took as a senator and a member of the Armed Services Committee,” Flores said.

She added that Sessions last year had more than 25 conversations with foreign ambassadors as a senior member of the Armed Services Committee, including the British, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Indian, Chinese, Canadian, Australian and German ambassadors, in addition to Kislyak.

In the case of the September meeting, one department official who came to the defense of the attorney general said, “There’s just not strong recollection of what was said.”

The Russian ambassador did not respond to requests for comment about his contacts with Sessions.

The Washington Post contacted all 26 members of the 2016 Senate Armed Services Committee to see whether any lawmakers besides Sessions met with Kislyak in 2016. Of the 20 lawmakers who responded, every senator, including Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.), said they did not meet with the Russian ambassador last year. The other lawmakers on the panel did not respond as of Wednesday evening.


There's a difference between reporting the news and editorializing it. The latter is usually reserved for opining by what we call a "board" made up of a small group of people who voice their opinions about the news.

That has no place in the press "news" room and Trump is absolutely correct in booting this kind of behavior out.

 Rather than whining about it and trying to hide behind a press badge while continuing to undermine  journalistic decorum the MSM should take measures to ensure that their people will act like professionals and do the job(s) they are paid to do; report the news.

ABC News president: 'We’ve expressed our concerns' to White House over transparency

"The recent exclusion of certain news organizations from a White House briefing is an alarming new development enacted by an administration that has declared war on respected media outlets -- including CNN, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, POLITICO and the BBC," the petition read. "This is a disturbing new tactic from an administration that has branded the news media an 'enemy of the people' and seeks to undermine the traditional role of a free press in American democracy. It is clearly retaliation against news organizations for reporting facts that are embarrassing to this President and his staff."

"...We urge you to join other news organizations and take a public stand," the petition added. "Refuse to take part in any future White House briefings based on an 'invitation list' of 'who's in/who's out.'"

News of the petition was first reported by the Associated Press.