Sunday, November 10, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-10-13





I have to be honest, when I hear those words, I bristle with pride. Damn! It's great to be an American!

I am even hesitant about saying this but I am afraid that this "and of the free and the brave" is being overrun by a big bunch of people who haven't' a clue about what those flags they wave at parades and the songs the bellow at baseball games symbolize.

The ill ease usually comes on when I step out my front door, pick up my newspaper, get a coffee, turn on my TV or boot my tablet and, poof! I'm back to the real America.

Recently, I was amazed (or should I say blown away) to discover that the "for the people" has now been edited to read, "for the people, and the corporations."

Last I checked corporation were nothing more than notarized documents pile in a file cabinet (usually in Delaware. I guess cloning has come a long way since I last checked. After all, this came straight from the Oracles in black robes.

I side on the side of insanity and accept the fact that this must be progress. Transforming inanimate objects into human beings with the stroke of a pen.

Most of the time I just let it all blow by, but, every once in a while I stop, reflect, and try to make a little sense out of what I hear and then come to experience. I spend some time looking for answers, some clarification, something to grab on to that makes sense. Something not conjured up in politicians think tanks or war rooms, or at a football game.

I try looking for answers. FOX, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, damn! Where's the news? 1/2 infomercials for Big Pharma. Well, I know all there is to know, and even more, about why I'm not always "ready" for the right moment, and how to fix it. Just "ask my doctor."

I also become well informed of what every pundit (the experts on anything and everything) think is going on in America.  Hell, some of them are even willing to don a parka and stand in a 100 mph hurricane so I can get a blow by blow report of how it feels standing in the middle of a hurricane. Gotta try that sometime.

Then I get to hear about what a loser I am because I am for affordable healthcare, the "worse law since slaver" The FOX dumbnits (sorry) say. They say only "Communists" and "Blasphemers would put healthcare before profits. Don't I realize I'm injuring CEO's and Investors?

Malicious, premeditated, common sense is a nasty bug to pass around.

So, in the spirit of Bush Sr's "No new taxes" line I am being sent the message to stop with all the thinking already. Just "listen to my words"

Take the words "living wage" and "equality", for example.  I found that the only way I could make sense of those was to go to a machine. Otherwise answers were all over the board and most of them made no sense at all. The machine on the other hand, just crunches the numbers and spits out the same answer every time which helps confirming reality (almost).

For instance, if I punch in a wage of $8.00 an hour and another of $1,000 a minute and hit the "equal" button it's not the same answer I got on FOX or MSNBC.

The same held true when I calculated the "cost of living wage" with the "cost of living." Damn these calculators!

That get's me to thinking , is this why half of America is on antidepressants and need to send kids off to school with a dose of Ritalin in their lunchboxes?

Let's see. What's the word I'm looking for to answer that question.