Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-12-13

Sorry you have to hear this from the Village Idiot but;

 I can't help but agree with Mrs Perisco that insurance companies cancelling or hiking premiums is outrageous. I recently saw her on PBS and I sincerely believe she is getting screwed. But when I follow where that goes  I don't end up at Obama's desk.

As I see it Mrs Perisco has every right to be angry. But I can't understand why at President Obama. Oh sure he took on the parental role when he assured her that everything would be OK. He reassured her insurance companies would not throw her under the bus and he even offered a life line just in case.

So, just like a kid when they didn't get all the candy Daddy promised them, there's about 5% of the once insured who have something to cry and be angry about and, for some strange reason dumped on President Obama rather than the candy store.

Mrs Perisco wasn't stuttering when she said her "insurance company" cancelled her policy knowing full well she would not be using ACA mandated maternity benefits so they would never have to pay out on it. Yet, they thought it necessary to raise her rates.

I also heard Mrs Perisco say that her husband is over 65 but self-employed implying he was not eligible for Medicare.

Turns out that isn't accurate; but then she might be watching FOX news.  Had Mr Perisco, as a self-employed individual, added a Medicare premium (tax), both as an employer and employee, to his IRS return he would have been covered under Medicare today.

How does that differ from an Insurance company collecting premiums from you; except that in the latter, there might be a little more added to cover the "profit" margin?

So, I would ask Mr and Mrs Perisco (and I'm surprised the folks on PBS didn't) "why is it that you decided not to purchase Medicare health insurance during your prime years when you could easily afford it? Wouldn't that be considered saving for a rainy day much like your PPO coverage?

Now that I think about it, maybe there is a difference, and a stark one at that. Unlike private market driven insurance coverage, Medicare would cover everything, even those nasty "pre-existing" conditions the private sector cringes at. And, best of all you would never, and I want to emphasize "never" get a cancellation notice in your mailbox.

DAMN that government healthcare!

As a side note I have to say I was taken aback a little when I saw how the Washington Post tagged this picture of Mrs. Perisco;  LOSERS164B1383516191. Come on guys! Isn't that punching below the belt?