Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Are people willing to pay to have Stormy share the gory details of her alleged sexual escapades?

Stormy Daniels launches fundraising campaign to pay legal bills in Trump battle | New York Post

Stormy Daniels on Wednesday launched an online fundraising campaign to pay legal bills in her battle to void a nondisclosure agreement she signed that paid her $130,000 to clam up about her alleged flingwith Donald Trump.

“I am attempting to speak honestly and openly to the American people about my relationship with now President Donald Trump, as well as the intimidation and tactics that he, together with his attorney Michael Cohen, have used to silence me,” she wrote on a page she created on

“In order to tell my story, I have had to file a public lawsuit in Los Angeles, California in an effort to void a non-disclosure agreement that Mr. Trump never signed and yet is trying to use to intimidate me.”

Sunday, March 11, 2018


Engaging in sex with another consenting adult is not illegal, nor is it an impeachable offense.

The Main Stream Media at the behest of the Establishment, have gone full blown "tabloid press" in filling the airways 24/7 with comments and pics of a washed up porn start who claims to have had sex with POTUS.

Just like the Russian"meddling" fiasco this "breaking news" event is old and boring news and most Americans are not interested in hearing about it.

Trump would not be the first (nor the last) POTUS to stray. There have been a significant number of past presidents who engaged in extra marital sex and sex in general.

14 Presidents Have Been The Talk of the Pillow 

Here is the list of all the former Presidents who were known to have had affairs.

Friday, March 2, 2018


The issue prompting the FOIA request was the disclosure Comey held a secret Oval Office meeting with Obama on Jan. 5, 2017. Comey never divulged the meeting to Congress. (RELATED: Comey Held Secret Obama White House Meeting Before Inauguration)

Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, former deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and former Vice President Joe Biden also attended the meeting.

The National Archives revealed the existence of the meeting and released a declassified version of an email Rice sent to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. Rice wrote an email to herself about the secret Jan. 5 meeting with Comey on Inauguration Day Jan. 20, 2017, as President Donald Trump was being sworn into office. The email suggested Comey may have misled Congress and was attempting to cover up the extent of his relationship with Obama.

Christopher Bedford, TheDCNF’s editor-in-chief, called the FBI denial “shameful.”

“The FBI just told us that Director James Comey potentially lying to Congress should not be of interest to us, that it doesn’t speak to their ‘integrity,’ and that it shouldn’t impact America’s ‘confidence’ in them,” Bedford said. “They said this with a straight face. We disagree, we think the American people disagree, and we think it’s absolutely shameful.”

FBI Won't Expedite Comey Meeting Records | The Daily Caller

Sunday, February 25, 2018


When it comes to creating great societies Capitalism has a dismal track record.

You can't pick your self up by your boot straps if you don't have boots. Something that is conveniently overlooked by those who advocate letting everyone fend for themselves in the supposedly greatest and richest nation in history.

Los Angeles' homelessness crisis is a national disgrace - Los Angeles Times - Discussion on Topix

There are few sights in the world like nighttime in skid row, the teeming Dickensian dystopia in downtown Los Angeles where homeless and destitute people have been concentrated for more than a century. Here, men and women sleep in rows, lined up one after another for block after block in makeshift tents or on cardboard mats on the sidewalks - the mad, the afflicted and the disabled alongside those who are merely down on their luck.


It looks like the rank and file Democrats are finally waking up and accepting the reality that the Establishment favorites are not the people's choice.

Feinstein loses California Democratic Party’s endorsement - The Washington Post

California Democrats rebuked Sen. Dianne Feinstein at their annual convention this weekend, denying her the party’s endorsement in this year’s Senate race and giving a majority of their votes to her liberal primary challenger.

Just 37 percent of delegates to the statewide convention, held this year in San Diego, backed Feinstein in her bid for a fifth full term. More than 54 percent backed state Senate leader Kevin de León, who entered the race in October and has run to Feinstein’s left on health care, taxes and immigration. Candidates needed 60 percent of the vote to win the party’s endorsement, making Feinstein the first incumbent senator in recent memory who will run in June’s primary without official backing.