Saturday, November 9, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-9-13

I've been wondering how words like the "N" word end up on the "no word" list. That is, if it's not being used by a rapper or comedian. In the latter the word magically goes through some sort of transformation and all is well. As if it still doesn't mean what it connotes as is no longer offensive.

It seems that words; even the "N" word, is benign and often not considered offensive until they arte put in context and to convey or connote something you want to communicate.  Even then

For example, trimming the "N" word doesn't really change it's meaning when used by a racist.

So, my question is; "Is the "N" word more, or less, offensive and racist than the term "people of color"

A) N-g- - r

B) People of "color"

The answer came to me when I caught site of a photo which reminded me of my childhood in Florida. A time when me and a few good natured friends would use the one on the right and wait for the reactions of the passerby's.  This led me to conclude that it's not the word that's offensive, but how it's used. People of "color" really?