Monday, November 4, 2013


Johann Wagener 1-14-13

Can you imagine? A 58 yr old, working, well educated, professional is being asked to pay $297.00 a month for their healthcare coverage? How absurd!

After receiving a letter from her insurer that her plan was being discontinued, Deborah Persico, a 58-year-old lawyer in the District, found a comparable plan on the city’s new health insurance exchange. But her monthly premium, now $297, would be $165 higher, and her maximum out-of-pocket costs would double.

That means she could end up paying at least $5,000 more a year than she does now. “That’s just not fair,” said Persico, who represents indigent criminal defendants. “This is ridiculous.”

Let's do a little basic math here;

Disabled and retired Social Security recipients only have to pay $100 monthly premium for their Medicare coverage. And, hey, their rolling in $1,200.00 a month in income. If my calculator still works it seems this person is spending near to 10% of their income on their insurance premium, not counting co-pay our RX out of pocket expenses.

Would it not be fair to say then that the "poster child" for those who just cant's stomach healthcare for all should be paying at minimum 10% of their income for insurance. That equates to a monthly income of $ 2,970.00 or $40,000.00 a year. My guess would be that a lawyer fresh out of law school would be able to cover that. Hell, they throw that much away on their cell phone plans and don't give it a thought.

My suggestion to the AHC haters is to do a little better job at digging up victims of this wicked law. Even people that can't count very well would have a hard time yelling "not fair" about this one.

Opinion: Sally Kohn is a progressive activist, columnist and television commentator.