Friday, November 1, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-1-13

When politicians and media (especially the right-wing-nuts) refer to a law on the books like the "Affordable Care Act" they magically translate that into "Obamacare"  as if the President; who signed the bill into law, was the owner, operator, and CEO of the ACA and should be held responsible for everything that occurs. The computer glitches? Obama's fault. Insurance Companies cancelling policies? Obama's fault.

The story is presented much differently when it involves Big business; especially banks. Take JP Morgan-Chase for example. A large number of crimes were committed by real people who are employees of the corporation and have sole control of setting policy with no one to account to other than the BOD who also are invested in the corporation and appoint the management.  As for shareholders? Not much to say there given how they get ripped off themselves unless if in the inner circle.

The headline then is; "JP MORGAN GUILTY!  which would equate to "AFFORDABLE CARE ACT FAILS"

So, why the difference? JP MORGAN died a few years back and the company he founded just happens to carry his name; but it's not him. JAMIE DIMON, on the other hand is alive and well and is the person who leads a giant team of underlings in executing the policies he directs them to follow. That includes all of the criminal behavior that JP MORGAN would probably sign on to if he were alive today. Maybe a posthumous conviction would be fair. But in the meantime why not focus on the living crooks who operate and manage these companies? Maybe the headlines should read; JAMIE DIMON, CEO OF JP MORGAN-CHASE, GUILTY OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY BY THE BANK HE RUNS" 

If that's too much for our corrupted politics and crony capitalism, then lets at least level the playing field when referring to those they don't like; it's the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT drafted and enacted by a majority of the US CONGRESS and signed into law by the President of the United States using his name; Barack Obama.