Thursday, November 14, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-13-14

These sly, but not so smart foxes have convinced themselves that Americans are gullible and dumb enough to just chow down on the bowl of BS they are feeding them without having even an inkling that there might be something wrong because it smells so bad.

In my case, being the idiot that I am, I just have to ask?

Is the president to blame for creating defective software programs?

Is the President to blame for Insurance  Companies hiking their rates in order to provide adequate healthcare?

I damn well agree that these problems; both of which were created in the "private" sector deserve righteous indignation from the public.

If they need  to be angry with President Obama it should be because he (like many of us) trusted the private sector to provide Americans with top of the line quality products and services  in return for the tax dollars they we paid them.

Unfortunately for President Obama, and many Americans, placing our trust in the "private" free market sector has proven to have been foolish and misguided.

Looks like President Obama, along with many Americans just got conned again. Though, on a much smaller scale this time,but not much different than when the banks we placed our trust (and money) in brought our country to the brink of financial collapse and bankrupted many Americans in the process.  Maybe a bigger role of government oversight is not such a bad idea after all?

Lousy software programs?

Lousy insurance plans that can't even meet government standards, need I go on?

So, again, being the idiot that I am, I'd like to ask;

Who is responsible for the problems Americans are having with the Afford Healthcare Law?

Please, take a minute and "think" about it before you jump back on the "hate Obama train."

If can get passed that, then you might want to consider expressing your outrage at those software  and insurance companies that take your tax dollars and give you low quality, lousy products and services in return. And demand a refund if they can't fix the bugs or provide quality services.

Stop settling for defective software programs or inadequate services. Now that's what I call change.

As I sum up I'm listening to reports that Insurance companies are balking about changing the "rules" as if insurance companies aren't familiar with changing rules. They have had years of experience in changing the rules.

Please tell me Americans are not dumb enough to buy into that line of total crap? Sorry!

I also hear the President offer up ways to solve the problems he has taken responsibility for allowing to occur what I hear in response from the clowns who keep harping about "much they care about the American people" is the tough line style "I told you so" sorry.