Sunday, November 10, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-9-13

It should come as no surprise that this happened in Texas where a Texan was in the wings ready to step into his shoes.

Just my "conspiracy" theory, and along with all the others, dumped into the dust bin of history. We'd prefer to point to Rome, Caesar, and the Senate of old when discussing conspiracies such as this.

The fact is, our Commander and Chief  was gunned down on the streets of America. The pillar of freedom and most powerful country in the world.

All the conspiracy theories pale in light of that simple fact.  We have the power to bomb the globe into oblivion but, some how can't protect one individual from a lone gunman.

What is it about "charismatic" people that makes them such easy targets? Ghandi, JFK, MLK, Lincoln, RFK.

One would think that protecting these one-of-a-kind exceptional beings would take priority above all else.Yet, in each case, just the opposite is obviously true.

Like sheep to slaughter we tend to passively look on as they are served up  by forces we would rather not know exist. Just one lone deranged person is as far as we'll safely go.

We somehow can't phantom that something like this would happen in a civilized Republic as ours. I wonder if the Romans would agree?

All this artful dodging about the murder of President Kennedy began, of course, nearly 50 years ago with the Warren Commission, the blue-ribbon panel that was appointed by President Lyndon Johnson — not to get at the truth, but to “lay the dust” (in the words of one commissioner) on all the disturbing rumors that were swirling around the bloody events in Dallas.