Thursday, November 7, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-8-13

As a result of this "worse than slavery" law I wasted a whole day visiting doctors and clinics; following up with a radiologist who nuked a head tumor for me last week and then getting an ultra sound to check my Aorta when the vascular surgeon I was referred to by my Primary Care Physician thought it  might be related to swelling ankles.

And, damn it all, next week I have to visit with a Orthopedist to follow up on an MRI that spotted torn ligaments in my arm that I thought were just part of the aging process.

That is in addition to at least 12 MRI's, a few CAT scans and Ultrasounds, numerous blood draws, ekg's, hearing aids, glasses, a CPAP device that I've had to suffer through in the last 3 years. Oh! I forgot the Laparoscopic surgery  by a gastrointestinal surgeon who removed what I fondly referred to as my "baby burrito" that one of the MRI's caught.

I know, they say "ignorance is bliss" but still isn't it better knowing your life is in danger and, in the long run being able to afford the services to help keep you around to play with the grandchildren a while longer? I know they would be happier bouncing on my lap than putting flowers on my tomb stone.

Then there's all those doctors, nurses, lab techs, case workers, and pharmacists who always seem to be happy to see me. Maybe because I'm a nice guy, but I usually pick up a vibe of gratitude in there. Maybe because they (even the Doctors) know that they are able to actually have a place to go to and practice their skills. And, get paid for it at that. Win-Win as they say.

Though I was skeptical at first, I discovered that the doctors I encountered in my visits seemed to have an interest in helping me out of a genuine concern for a fellow being. Even if it meant shaving a little off the stock portfolio.

I had to ask. How did a get here with a government supported Medicare policy I reluctantly pay $100 a month for?


As I recall it all started with a little hearing loss in 1 ear and a free hearing test. The tech thought it might be worth while following up with a ENT since loss in only 1 ear usually meant there was something else going on.

I compared this to the "Romney Emergency Room" experience I had once.

The service was fine. 2 hours in a chair, 4 in a bed. One MRI, a little blood and urine sample, and a 5 minute chat with the ER doctor on duty.

Diagnosis? Urinary tract infection. Bill? $10,005.00  (not sure what the $5 was for). My part of the bill? $50.00 (bookkeeping fee I think)

Romney and the big business clowns on the Hill would say that's money well spent, don't you think?
Give them their way and a whole lot more ER's would be popping up as fast as MacDonald's all across this great land of ours. Eat a BIG Mac, have a cardiac, got to the ER!

A true and tried hard nosed Republican would look at you right in the eye and with a straight face tell you,

"That's the American way." Or is it more?

Amazingly, there are many Americans whole swallow that hook, line, and sinker.

Now that's what I call unhealthy.