Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-17-13

The Pentagon is showered with Billions of Taxpayer dollars; usually by Republicans who pander them, to protect and defend America. Republicans also work very hard to exempt them from any cuts claiming that every penny spent on defense is worth every penny.

The rhetoric is usually laced with "one-liners" that feeds public paranoia (much like the NRA) that someone is "out there somewhere" who is going to attack us. After years of this blubber, nothing has come to fruition other than a bunch of rag-tag Saudi Arabians using our own airlines and box cutters to inflict the largest attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor.

Yet the Navy was able to convince Americans that we needed a $2.1 billion dollar aircraft carrier to our standing fleet of 10 which is equivalent to all the carriers in the world including the "red menace" (China)
who just launched their one and only recently which is not even armed.

Now we are discovering that our "paranoia" which is fed to us by the "Military Industrial Complex" is serving a much more cynical enemy that China.

I just can't wait to see where this goes and how FOX & Republicans will spin it, hoping as usual that Americans are dumb enough to buy it.  

Two U.S. admirals — including the director of naval intelligence — are under investigation as part of a major bribery scandal involving a foreign defense contractor, Navy officials announced Friday night.

Vice Adm. Ted “Twig” Branch, the service’s top intelligence officer, and Rear Adm. Bruce F. Loveless, the Navy’s director of intelligence operations, were placed on leave Friday, and their access to classified material was suspended, the Navy said in a statement.