Monday, November 4, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-4-13

I would dare anyone to produce a letter from President Obama telling them he cancelled their insurance.

The feeble assertion that the President "lied" to us is the same as damning the weather person for telling you it would be "sunny" with a chance of clouds.

For those of the whiners that understand Capitalism; especially our brand of "crony" capitalism, it should come as no surprise (sticker shock) that this is the way it works in a "free market."

If you look closely at the letterhead of the cancellation or rate hike you received it was sent by your INSURANCE COMPANY, not the White House. And, if you gave it a little more thought you see that it's not about providing you with better healthcare. It's about providing your insurance company a better profit. Now, if you happen to own a little stock in these money machines in disguise, you should not be complaining at all. You got a refund in the dividend check they sent you.

If your still confused about how the Free Market works in the healthcare industry here's one good example that just recently got some attention on NPR.

In the Free Market place you can charge from as little as $11.00 to as much as $400.00 for the exact same generic breast cancer drug.  That's what Free Market means, silly. Go to Costco and pay $11.00 or take a trip to Target or CVS and dole out $400.00. You can ask them why and all you'll get is a lot of gibberish which basically translates into, "it's a free market."

Now, for those who don't think this is really a great system you might want to send your complaint letters to your Insurance Company. They took your money, jacked your rates, or cancelled your policy. Not Obama! He just made the same mistake the weather person does almost every day of the year.

It's just a little cloudy. Suck it in. "America Strong" "God Bless America"

Does walking by people on your sidewalk lying in their own waste say, "America Strong"?

Or is all that blabber reserved for football games and Sunday at the "mega' church?

Does waving your hands and praising the Lord once a week and glowing with "brotherly love" for a few hours feed or care for someone less fortunate than you? Is giving up a meal fest at Applebees once a week in order to pay a little more for insurance coverage that traumatic?

If your answer is yes, that's not a sign of either patriotic strength or christian charity but one of greed, selfishness, indifference and just plain stupidity.

Because, believe it or not, if you actually believe this is a "united" states and the Pledge of Allegiance" you were forced to learn back in grade school meant anything to you (and many obviously don't) you would realize that the way you act and behave is killing the country you claim to love.

The old saying; there's strength in numbers is a simple way to apply some common sense to the way many Americans seem to have lost sight of. The stronger the number of Americans are, the stronger America is. So, how about "walking the talk."

Just recently we heard from the guy that wrote off 47% of our population as "losers" and saying, if they needed healthcare, they could go to an Emergency room pontificate about "dishonesty" by the president?
Really Mitt?

A patriot or Sociopath?

Republicans have showed little sympathy. Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, appearing on the same program, attacked Obama for his often-repeated pledge that people would be able to keep their health plans if they liked them. Romney said that Obama has engaged in “fundamental dishonesty” that has “undermined the foundation of his second term.”

For consumers whose health premiums will go up under new law, sticker shock leads to anger

The administration says that about 12 million Americans, or 5 percent of the population, buy individual polices — they don’t get coverage through their employers or programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Millions of them will be required to get new policies, but many will qualify for federal aid to pay for the premiums. Thus, they will end up with better coverage at lower costs, officials say. If they are sick, they won’t be denied coverage or charged more.

But conveying such information is difficult because of the “calamitous” launch of, former White House senior adviser David Axelrod said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” He said that “many of the people who have to transition are going to get better insurance for less money, but they just can’t tell that right now because they can’t get on the Web site.”