Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-13-13

In knowing that America has a  Super Carrier floating around the planet somewhere protecting you from some guys in robes with AK-47's that don't even have a rowboat.

I'm guessing that if and when these "terror-ists" come over an aircraft carrier is not going to do much to protect us from them if, and when, they do come over they usually fly over on an airline with some explosives tucked in the underwear or shoes. They don't even know that they could just go online, down load a manual on "how to build a bomb in your garage" and then head off to a few feed stores like Timothy McVeigh did.

If we're lucky the $ billions of tax dollars we dumped into Homeland Security and a half dozen other agencies under it's umbrella should be able to do the job. Airport Security Is Killing Us

So, being the idiot that I am, I need to trow this out there to see if I can comprehend what's going on here.

I am asking; Do Americans prefer this to healthcare? Are their tax dollars being spent wisely? Are aircraft carriers the cure for what ails Americans?

Meet Gerald Ford. He cost you a cool $13 Billion Dollars. You can go to sleep tonight knowing that he's out there looking out for you. As for the flu bug you just caught, not to worry. Romney solved that problem. Go to the Emergency Room.