Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-12-13

I was shocked to hear a doctor say that my government was attempting to "enslave" me by shackling me with affordable healthcare.

I really tried to comprehend how this guy came up with the notion that a government "by the  people" "for the people" that offers to provide affordable health care to the "people" is a sinister guise used to enslave them?

All I keep coming up with is "sh-t for brains."

But then , this guys a Physician practicing under the code of "do no harm."

So, just out of respect for the profession, I really made an effort to make sense of what this guy is saying.

Sounds like he's saying that the being "dependent" on my government is enslaving me to healthcare while, being "dependent" on an entity with the word "insurance" in it's name is a sign of freedom.

Sort of like breaking from the shackles of common sense if you buy into it?

I tried to imagine how someone would be able to sell me on this idea.

First, I would have to convince you that buying my insurance policy (the "Platinum" of course) is the best and most important decision you will ever make in your life.  Imagine, just for a few bucks a month (and a little added fee of course) I am willing to take a risk on you. And, just in case one of these days, you become ill or have an accident you can count on me to give you back some of the money you placed in my care all these years. So, just to get started on the paperwork here, let me begin by asking you; "do you have any "pre-existing" health problems?"

Do you know what happens then if you answer "yes"? Take a guess.

You can't blame the insurance salesmen. They're just making sure the "bottom line" stays healthy which is what they are hired to do. An unhealthy person would be considered collateral damage if it came to the attention of the CEO or the BOD and heads would roll, believe me. Insurance for healthy people is the only way to provide good All American healthcare to Americans. Keeps the country strong as long as no one has any pre-existing conditions.

Now, that I got this far I dared to compare that with what our government was offering me.

Let's see; pre-existing conditions? No problem. Can't afford a Platinum premium but would still like some health insurance?  No problem. Still have a few kids under 26 at home who just haven't found their dream yet and "depend" on me for health insurance? No problem.

So, I go back for a reality check and compare this with what Dr. Ben had to say about "government" affordable healthcare.

And I quote;

“It is slavery because it aims to make all of us subservient to the government,” he said. “It was never about health care. It was about control.”

UH? Subservient to "my" government. I thought it was the other way around? Isn't my government made up of  an army of "public servants" including healthcare providers.

So, at this point I think I know what DOC BEN was talking about in answering the question posed by a few thousand people in the room he spoke to.

Own some stock in Aetna or Blue Cross, or......?  Now that's going to be a problem.

Worse than slavery, I'd imagine.

So, as the Village Idiot, I ask you. Would you want this person at your side while lying in a hospital bed? Would you wonder a little about what he might be thinking? If a village idiot like myself was able to answer that question this should be a no-brainer.