Saturday, November 2, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-2-13

Who else other than someone with way too much money and a way too small moral compass would sit around thumbing through an absurd publication hawking some of the silliest and useless junk on the planet?

Who in a clear frame of mind decide to piss away $39,000.00 on a truffle that will take them less than 5 minutes to consume and another 5 minutes the next day to dump in the toilet (maybe shit away would have been a better analogy). How does that size up with taking that $39,000.00 to help those who live of $4.00 a day on Food Stamps?

How about the clown who wakes up one morning and has $100 million dollars burning his pocket. What would a "normal" person (sorry if I offend) decide to do with a wad of cash like that? Well, the idiot would come up with building himself a $100 million mausoleum he believes to be a home.

If I might be so brash I would suggest that this clown (and other's like him) take a stroll down the street of any large American city. They might notice that there people (millions I assume) lying on the sidewalk with little more than a cardboard box to live in and, if their one of the lucky one's, a shopping cart holding their total wealth.  Think a $100 million might spend better there rather than chancing getting lost in the mausoleum?

This kind of idiot mentality seems to have taken on epidemic proportions with the 1% as they continue acting and behaving as if they live on another planet and do all they can to wall themselves in from the real world they live in.

If they are not the idiots then they must think the rest of us are.

Interesting to note that the model is a mannequin.
 $150,000.00 (model not included)

Neiman Marcus has already debuted its 2013 Fantasy Gifts in this year's Christmas Book.
For those who are not familiar with the department store's annual fantasy gift selection, they range anywhere between $10,000 and almost $2 million, and can be anything from rough diamonds to a work of art.
But by far and away the most ridiculous gift this year was a Bespoke Global Falconry Companion for $150,000.

Looks like something removed in surgery
A real bargain! $20,000.00

Chump Change $750,000.00

$1.5 Million!