Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Racism is a large part of our heritage.

Our Founding Fathers were by todays standards, white supremacists and hard core racists. In fact the seeds of the racism we experience today were planted in the Constitution itself; The Three-Fifths Clause of the United States Constitution (1787)

Let's not forget that the majority of these white men believed that not all people were created equal and in fact were slave owners themselves;  How many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves?
Our first President; and a few others after him, were slave owners So how many presidents owned slaves?

Removing statues from parks and censuring certain vocabulary will not change facts or our history. In fact the hypocrisy inherent in these actions is blatant given that we continue to immortalize a number of these historical figures on our currency; Presidents Whom Owned Slaves: 4 Are on Currency

It comes as no surprise that the Establishment and Main Stream Media have come out in force to portray Trump as the one and only instigator of racism, bigotry and violence in the streets of America today.

 It is also not surprising that Trump is not playing his part as expected by those on both sides who continue to wish him harm.

In a remarkable news conference in the lobby of Trump Tower Trump called out both sides of the Establishment,

President Donald Trump blamed the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday on both sides of the conflict, equating the white supremacists on one side with the "alt-left" on the other side.

"I think there is blame on both sides," he said.

“What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say, the alt-right, do they have any semblance of guilt?" Trump said. "What about the fact they came charging with clubs in hands, swinging clubs, do they have any problem, I think they do."

He added: "You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. nobody wants to say it, but I will say it right now.”

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


What is the one thing that promotes bipartisan cooperation in US politics?

One would hope it would be to serve America by doing the "peoples business" but if that's what you thought you would be wrong.

The one thing that motivates politicians to close ranks is self preservation. Party affiliations become insignificant; Democrat or Republican they all smell the same in what Trump called the "cesspool"

Corruption Scandals Are Piling Up for Democrats

So, it should come as no surprise that there was  overwhelming bipartisan support in both houses of Congress in sanctioning the Russians who we are being told are responsible for exposing corruption (meddling) in our political system.

Given the lack of interest in Russian bogeyman tactics the Establishment has been unable to dissuade Main Street Americans in supporting Trump; an anti-establishment outsider who has proven to be a formidable threat to their ability to control the electorate and/or national agenda.

This latest move is another desperate attempt by the Establishment to take America back from the people;

Trump signs Russia sanctions bill but blasts Congress  In a pair of statements, the president said parts of the law violate the Constitution.

The bill enjoyed wide bipartisan support. The House passed the sanctions by a vote of 419-3, and the Senate cleared it 98-2 — making any presidential veto futile and sure to be overridden.

With multiple investigations into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, a veto also would have been politically disastrous.

After weeks of waffling, the White House confirmed over the weekend that Trump would sign the bill.

The White House still sought to characterize the bill as a win, with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying in a statement on Friday that Trump “negotiated regarding critical elements of it” and decided to sign it “based on its responsiveness to his negotiations.”

The statement Wednesday also contained a warning — not to Russia, but to Congress.

“The Framers of our Constitution put foreign affairs in the hands of the President,” Trump said. “This bill will prove the wisdom of that choice.”