Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Johann Wagener 11-12-13

I'm guessing that's why our Founding Father's who got on a ship and left England were saying when they drafted the Constitution.

I'm also guessing that they came to America because they were tired of living in a country where a few of their countrymen felt entitled to hoard the wealth that they played a major role in creating. But, back then, it had something to do lineage or blood line. Not much about work.

Even today 70% of the land in England is owned by a very small % of the people. And, to this day,the English take some sort of distorted pleasure in throwing even more wealth at them: what with all those parades and jeweled crowns and all.

I am guessing it's a way of getting some sort of vicarious high (similar to being in a pot smoke filled room) even if all they are are spectators. And, I must admit, those parades they throw are great distractions.

Now, back to America, the land of "equality for all"- " for the People"- "by the People" ,lot's of parades and where 1% of those people are hoarding better than 45% of the wealth.

I wonder if that's what the Founding Fathers had in mind? I know they weren't Communists. For the most part they were land (and even slave) holders. Well educated (mostly) and intelligent (maybe).

We know that this well heeled bunch of white men came up with the idea that the document they drafted conveyed the message they wanted to send to their fellow Americans and others around the world who they welcomed to our shores.

We also know that they agreed Jesus would say, given they included, "In God WE Trust" in all the rhetoric.

I found it refreshing to see a man (though not an American) who likes to be called Francis remind us of that he's just a man doing God' work. Not infallible; as good as that may sound to those who like to think they are. Just a man at work. That fit's with what I think the Founding Fathers had in mind, don't you?

Imagine if this kind of thinking were to spread. Imagine if one day a Wall Street Titan were to step down from their perch in the clouds and say something like; "I'm just a person with an MBA and a title like banker, CEO, business person, who owns a computer and a great software program that makes money for me.

Oh! Oh! would this mean he (or she) could easily be replaced by a machine? I wonder.

So, I'd like to say to today's Americans; especially those who like to quote from the Constitution, wave flags, guns, and bibles, if they believe that America today is what the Founding Father's had in mind?

Do they believe that a government they created ; "by the people - for the people" creates dependency? And that a smaller, weaker , government would make America stronger?

Do they believe that the footsteps they seem to blindly follow to their "mega' church belong to Jesus?

If they come up with a resounding, "no", then maybe it's time to stick their heads out their windows and start shouting;

"I'm mad as hell, and ( you can fill in the blank)"