Monday, February 22, 2016


You know what they say about people that slap you on the back and say "trust me?" Same goes for campaign slogans.

The one and only reason Cruz fired this guy is because he knew Donald Trump would not let him slide another one of those unintended lies to fly by without being noticed.

Even though Ted was chosen by God to run (at least he and his dad think so) this won't deter Trump one bit in keeping Ted honest. Maybe Trump is God's doing?

Ted Cruz announced Monday during a Nevada press conference that he has called for his campaign's communications director Rick Tyler to resign.

The firing comes after Tyler spread a video on social media falsely accusing rival candidate Marco Rubio of mocking the Bible to Cruz's father and a Cruz staffer. After being corrected by several witnesses to the incident, who noted that Rubio was in fact praising the Bible, Tyler deleted his posts and apologized.