Wednesday, February 17, 2016


There seems to be a misperception that American presidents are ELECTED by the majority of the electorate; the 1 person-1 vote.

Well, as it turns out that's not true. In 2000 , for example, 5 Republicans selected the Republican candidate, who did not have the majority vote, as president of the United States; effectively shutting down the voting process claiming it was too slow and cumbersome (Gore vs Bush)

Even though 2000  is a rare event it turns out that selecting, rather than electing, American presidents is more common than we think. This got some attention from voters last month when the majority of New Hampshire voters elected Bernie Sanders by a landslide only to have it taken away from him by a handful of people known as "superdelegates" who decided to "select" Hillary Clinton.

Is that democracy at work here or something much the opposite and dangerous? Are Americans being stripped of their most basic civil rights by a political Establishment that is "rigging" the system against them?

Sanders supporters demand that superdelegates follow 'the will of voters' | TheHill