Friday, February 19, 2016


Republicans are constantly harping about the evils of "big government." Stifles growth, interrupts the free market; bad for America. Some of them go so far and wanting to abolish regulatory agencies all together;

We should shrink the size and power of the federal government by every and any means possible. What does that mean? That means eliminating unnecessary or unconstitutional agencies.
– Ted Cruz (On the hit list is the Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Along comes the hover board; a hot free market money maker leaving in it's wake burned down homes and hospitalized users, and silence from the manufacturers and marketeers. 

Feds Warn That Hoverboards Are Dangerous. Like, Every Single One of Them | WIRED

IT’S GENERALLY HEALTHY to think in shades of grey; things are rarely either all good or all bad. Except, it turns out, hoverboards, which the Consumer Product Safety Commission has officially warned are unsafe. All of them. For now, anyway.

The CPSC letter, addressed to the “manufacturers, importers, and retailers of self-balancing scooters,” urges those involved parties to make sure their devices meet the standards established by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a group that certifies thousands of products as safe for human use. Failure to comply will result in rigorous action.

“Should the staff encounter such products at import, we may seek detention and/or seizure. In addition, if we do encounter such products domestically, we may seek a recall of these products,” writes CPSC’s Robert Howell in the letter.

It’s a helpful way to separate the dangerous hoverboards from the safe ones. Or would, be, anyway, in a world in which hoverboards of every stripe didn’t keep catching on fire.