Saturday, February 27, 2016


The Clinton dynasty have the same problems as the Bush dynasty. They both carry a lot of "baggage" and a sh-tload of it is being unpacked on social media. 

Fortunately for America, JEB! is in the wind and the Republican party continues it's free fall into wherever Donald Trump will take them. Republican voters are angry at the Republican Establishment and it shows at the polls. 

The Clintons, on the other hand still have the full support of the Democratic Establishment (big money) and both have joined forces (along with the mainstream media) to shore up defenses against any "grass root activists" that would threaten the status quo. 

Democratic voters are not so angry, but very passionate and that is also showing at the polls. Despite great odds Bernie Sanders has continue to eat away at the once dominant lead Hillary was endowed with and it's taking it's toll on her and her campaign. Early signs are her change in rhetoric which has now begun to morph into Sanders sound bites. 

It is also appearing in the ways some voters are calling Hillary out on her, and her ex-president husband's history when it comes to how they weakened the civil rights movement during Bill's POTUS years. 

Black Lives Matter activist Ashley Williams interrupted Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night at a lavish private fundraiser in South Carolina. The young woman accused the presidential candidate of hypocrisy for supporting “tough on crime” laws that led to mass incarceration of black Americans.

Williams held up a sign reading “We have to bring them to heel,” recalling a line from Clinton’s 1994 “super-predator” speech, which has been widely characterized as racist. Secret Service promptly forced the Black Lives Matter activist to leave the wealthy, almost all-white fundraiser.

Activists uploaded a video of the protest to YouTube under the name #NotASuperpredator, with a caption linking to the article “Why Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve the black vote” by legal scholar Michelle Alexander, author of the prominent book “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color Blindness.”

On Thursday morning, the tag #WhichHillary began trending on Twitter, as thousands of people criticized Clinton for constantly shifting positions and for what they see as her hypocrisy.