Saturday, February 20, 2016


Hillary put on her smiley face greeting the cheering crowd of supporters as she declared victory; what many of the Establishment pundits are calling it a "defining" moment in her run for the White House. As usual what is really happening on the ground is remotely similar to the hype.

The reality is the Establishment; which Hillary is an integral part of, is in deep dodo.

So, let's get real here and call Hillary's win in Nevada just a win. If the moment was "defining" it was because Bernie has been able to come from gaping 42 points to a very squeaky 5 points behind. Where I come from they don't call it a win, just a squeaker. And that's a precursor of what lies ahead for Hillary and the Establishment.

Hillary Clinton's campaign has been on the ground longer. But the Vermont senator's money, momentum and message have evened the score.