Monday, February 8, 2016



That's right. It's not a dream. What you hold in your hands when you step into a voting booth is so valuable a small group of people  have invested billions of dollars either trying to buy it from you or distract you in to not using it. The Iowa caucuses is an example of the value of one vote. Bernie Sanders, the self professed "progressive democrat" who the Establishment wrote off as a socialist that no one would vote for came up from being  behind double digits in the polls to being just a fraction of a percent and almost defeating Hillary the Establishment shoe-in who was able to grab it with the toss of a few coins not votes.  Bernie did not come so far up from behind by taking away votes from Hillary but because he was "given" votes of "first time voters" who decided to wake up that day and trek on down to their caucuses and make their vote(s) count.

Probably some were the 42% of the "losers" Romney so easily wrote off (see video).

Probably some of the votes came from the almost 6 million people who lost their homes in the "housing crash of 2008 (read this).

Maybe some of those votes came from those who lost over 2 Trillion dollars of their nest eggs (read this) in the 2008 crash..

No matter how you break it down 99% of Americans lost no less than 10 trillion dollars in 2008 (read this) and there's a good chance one of them showed up to vote for Bernie on that day.

It's almost unimaginable to believe that 1% of our population could inflict so much financial damage on the other 99% of Americans in such a short period of time and get away with it it!

Here's what Bernie has to say to you (see video)

If you're thinking your vote doesn't count, think again. That's how until now only 1% of our population have successfully been able to grab and hold on to almost 50% of America's wealth leaving what's left to be divide up among the 99% of those that are left. If you complain they try to shame you by labeling it "class warfare" when what it's really "income inequality." That word inequality is what get's em.

So, when you wake up on election day either in your parent's basement or in your own bed after a sleepless night of wondering if; now that your nest egg is gone, if the day will come when you can finally sleep in, or just thinking, maybe this could happen to me one day, you might make it worth your while to get up, get dressed, and head on down to your polling station and put that vote of yours to good use.