Monday, February 15, 2016


Friends of Antonin frame him as a jovial, happy go lucky guy who liked to banter and hunt quail with Dick Cheney and friends. Another one of those guys you could sit down and have a beer with.

And, they say, bottom line he was and honest sincere guy who believed in the "rule of law" doctrine our American democracy was built upon.

While all that may be well and good for Antonin's close circle of friends, that's not the Scalia many Americans have come to know during his long reign on the US Supreme Court.

So, before we hear people sing his praises and suddenly morph Scalia’s legacy into something we are unable to recognize, let us remember the judge for his record.

And that record was not kind to black people and those who care about civil rights and racial justice.
A Reagan appointee, Scalia was the longest-serving justice on the court. His critics remember him as a polarizing and intolerant figure and one of the most regressive voices in the federal judiciary.

Scalia's idea of rule of law was more about rule of extreme conservatism; mostly Republican in nature.

For example is "selecting" and appointing a Republican to the presidency of the United States by stopping the voting process in it's tracks abiding by rule of law? Maybe in Egypt.

Or, is it abiding to the rule of law to deny small groups of Americans (LGBT) the rights that the majority of Americans don't even have to give a second thought to?

Scalia asserts that there's nothing in the Constitution that affords rights for those of a different than his sexual orientation. Similar to saying that there's nothing in the Constitution affording rights to the slaves owned by some of those Founding Fathers.

Rule of law as defined by Scalia takes a severely sharp turn to the extreme right of the political stage which narrows the way it is interpreted and implemented. Same sex marriage, abortion, voters rights, and a slew of other issues you we can read about on our own time were not looked upon as basic human rights by Scalia and, as such did not deserve the protection of the rule of law.

Scalia's untimely departure from the bench is not a loss for Americans who he did not agree with him and who's lives may now be for the better in his absence; not from the planet, mind you, but from SCOTUS.

Many Christians will say that God took Scalia to a better place while others might think that He had other reasons. In any case we can all agree that it was Gods Will to remove Scalia from the Supreme Court and let it go at that.

As for his record. It speaks for itself.