Wednesday, February 24, 2016


The answer to that question is going to be critical in the 2016 primaries where Bernie Sanders is Challenging the Democratic Party Establishment and their candidate; Hillary Clinton.

We have already witnessed how the Establishment regards Bernie by the way the Iowa delegates were assigned with coin flips which magically all went to Hillary.

We are also hearing those who represent the Establishment conjure up lame rationales about the use of Super Delegates in the nominating process which is clearly a "rig" to ensure their candidate takes the prize.

It's clear that Bernie has been catapulted to within single digit points of overtaking Hillary in many of the states she was once a shoe-in to win. The playing field has been leveled and the two candidates are in a dead heat;

Bernie: 51 delegates. Hillary: 51 delegates.

What happens next is again left to the voters who should go into the voting booth with as much information as possible on how this democratic political process works and what some are doing to undermine it.

Bernie Sanders believes Americans are not stupid and will make the right decision.