Sunday, February 3, 2013


 Johann Wagener  2-3-13

Having a “therapy” session with a “disturbed” individual on a gun range’ and giving him a loaded assault weapon to help him work through his issues? The contradiction is astounding to say the least.
Chris Kyle may have been a sharp shooter, but wasn’t too sharp when it came to assessing dangerous situations.  His death, like many others lately, was another of those senseless tragedies that could have been avoided. 

This is especially true in this case.

What this also brings into the light is how this culture not only glorifies guns, but also those who get high scores on the number of kills. The fact that these 160 plus targets were the enemy doesn’t have much to do with how society reacts to killing people. Enemies and targets are all relative and change all the time. Sometimes they are just imagined. Newtown is a stark example.

Getting a “best selling” book out of the deal would not be in the cards if we respect life.    

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