Monday, February 4, 2013


 Johann Wagener 2-4-13

Now that the game (Super Bowl) is a thing of the past it’s time to find new ways to pass the time while we save up for the next big game.

Even though this year’s numbers aren't in yet it’s safe to say that, if the trend stays the same, Americans blew a whole bunch of cash; money that could have gone to retirement savings or the kid’s college fund on a game. 

Wer'e not talking chump change here. We’re talking about “billions of dollars” ,some of it tax dollars, to put on this 2 hour spectacular. Even though this years numbers aren’t in, based on the last few years trends, I can safely say it will be over $50 billion and probably much closer to $100 billion. 

OR HERE; If you want to know how your tax dollars are used;

So, what to do now? Well, not to worry. The folks in Hollywood have found something guaranteed to get your mind off your troubles and pass the time. 

Just click on   IMFDB.ORG where you can while the hours away looking at what your favorite stars packed blowing away the bad guys (sometime the good ones). NOTE: no mass murder shooters please! This is just for family entertainment.

P.S. I hesitated a little in posting this because of who’s attention I might draw. On the other hand, I concluded that it’s better to bring this to everyone’s attention. The shooters have probable already been there