Thursday, February 21, 2013


We have a problem with obesity in this country. No, I’m not talking about “The Biggest Loser” contestants or Governor Chris Christie. This is a much bigger problem because it affects each and every one of us. 

I’m talking about a bloated bureaucracy with an insatiable appetite that devours  billions of US taxpayer dollars that we refer to as the Pentagon; the nerve center of our “military industrial complex.”

Republicans like to scream and holler about “Big” government and our “Spending” problem, but they mysteriously never utter the words “defense” or “military” which is either amazingly stupid or brilliant.

Stupid because it’s absurd to think that our military might is in danger if we don’t continue feeding it more of our tax dollars at the expense of all others; especially social programs.

Stupid because when you look at the facts it’s obvious that nothing is further from the truth.

The U.S. spent more on defense in 2011 than did the countries with the next 13 highest defense budgets combined
Brilliant because neo-cons have been able to convincingly scare the public for years into believing that our country is in great danger by shadowy evil forces that are out to destroy us.  

So, who are these “boogeymen”?  How do they stack up to the strongest and largest military in the world?
Aside from the “terrorists” who are not representative of any country (In fact we have our own “homegrown terrorists” living in our own neighborhoods.)

The questions to ask are; 

Neo-cons usually sound the alarm about 2 countries in particular; Iran and North Korea. 

Let’s start with IRAN vs USA  A threat? Yes. Big enough to warrant an even larger military? Not really.

And arch enemy N. KOREA vs USA  A threat? Yes. Big enough to warrant a larger military? I don’t think so.

Common sense would dictate that you don’t treat obesity by feeding it more. So, let’s come to terms with the real problem we face. How to put it on a diet.

The neo-cons will tell you that reducing the military budget will require drastic cuts in areas that are critical to our defense, like troop strength or a reduction in the civilian work force that support our troops.  

What the neo-cons fail to point out is that these cuts can be made without having much of an effect on the economy IF they are made where no one dares to go; “PROFITS”, “CEO compensation”, lobbying and perks.
The following video makes this point clear;   Project On Government Oversight Exposes Corruption, Explores Solutions.

Other questions neo-cons avoid answering are;