Monday, February 11, 2013

Hero Worship

Let me get this straight. A team of highly trained killers using a few million dollars worth of technology raid a house occupied by a half dozen ragtag guys in robes and turbans and a few women and children and "Bap- Bap" (those are the shooters words, not mine) take them out. This is heroism? This is something worth writing a book about? Is it that important to find something of value; something to worship, in senseless quixotic conflicts, that in the big picture, will be nothing but a non-event.

Did it ever occur to anyone that pumping up these isolated events serves to diminish much greater events where heroism was so common place you didn't have to look for it. WWI -WWII were fraught with heroes on both sides; many of which never wrote books or made movies out of their stories but were rather humbled by the experience and would have rather forgotten it than praise it.

Maybe it's time we grow up and leave the heroes to the comic book writers.

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