Saturday, February 23, 2013


 It's not just the NFL. Retired non-California professional athletes from Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NHL are all filing for workers' compensation in California.

A study commissioned by all four leagues estimates the total cost of workers' comp claims filed in California by non-California professional athletes will reach $1.2 billion.

NFL players can file for CA workers' comp thanks to loophole

Let me see if I understand this correctly.  Professional football players are able to collect “taxpayer funded” Workers Compensation for injuries sustained while playing a game they know full well will leave them, as one player put it, “after you play 10 to 12 years you’ve got the body of a 60 year old man”. I also need to understand how these worn out football giants qualify for benefits from a state (California) where they neither live nor are actually employed in. If that’s the case I assume a Greyhound bus driver who lives in New York can collect benefits in California because he drives through the state once in a while.

Finally, I’d like to have someone explain why tax payers; which include many who are not football junkies, are being asked to pick up the tab for the injuries these overgrown adolescents incurred while making millions of dollars for themselves and their handlers.

Maybe those politicians (especially Republicans) who scream and moan about “welfare queens” should take a look at this much larger dole out that goes to fewer people who are much less in need of help and, even though they are no longer able to play the game, they are still playing the system.