Sunday, February 10, 2013


Johann Wagener 2-10-13

One of my pastimes is clipping coupons out of the Sunday morning newspaper stuffers. I really get a kick out of squeezing every penny I can out of a buck before I spend it.

This morning was a little different. As I was clipping a coupon for my favorite hot dogs (buy 1 – get one free) another coupon that I’d not seen before caught my attention.

A $1.00 OFF coupon for;

New Fresh & Sexy, by Playtex.
Before + After. Clean where it counts.
Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you can't get busy. By making cleanup easier, fresh + sexy™ wipes.
Fresh + Sexy™ wipes are intimate wipes for men and women specifically designed for use before and after sexual activity - so you can feel confidently clean and ready for whatever comes next.  
With Fresh + Sexy™ wipes, you get clean quickly and easily so you can get back to who or whatever it is you're doing.
The special hypoallergenic formula and soft cloth gently cleanse and leave you feeling clean and refreshed, no matter what the occasion.

And then another $1.00 OFF coupon for;

TROJAN® Tri-Phoria® Intimate Massager
Experience intense pleasure your way with our quiet, 3-in-1 vibrating intimate massager with three interchangeable textured tips.
·        8 settings – 5 speeds and 3 pulse patterns
·        3 high-quality, interchangeable tips for multiple sensations:•
·        1 soft silicone domed tip •
·        1 soft silicone flickering tip •
·        1 hard stimulator tip Waterproof, durable and easy to clean
·        1AA battery
·        Elegant satin pouch for discreet storage
·        There’s so much the Vibrating TriPhoria® can do…and that gives you a multitude of options!
·        The three tips imitate your favorite sensations – firm pressure, tongue-like flickering and gentle focused stimulation.
·        Vibrating TriPhoria boasts eight settings – five speeds and three pulse patterns.
·        This unparalleled combination provides seemingly endless options for your senses. Change it up or find a favorite you can rely on. 

At first I thought the newspaper delivery guy accidently stuffed a porn magazine in my paper. But, unfortunately, it was just the same old coupon stuffer with just a little more added to spice it up a bit.

Oh! To be young again.