Sunday, February 24, 2013


Human beings are the only species on the planet that make a sport out of and entertain themselves watching their own kind self-destruct. We idealize and glorify events and people that destroy the planet and everything that lives on it, including us. 

We even go so far as to intentionally and premeditatedly; though without malice aforethought, put our children in harm’s way and cheer them on as they scramble each other’s brains on football fields.

Then, when the inevitable occurs, we react in dismay and shock as if we didn’t see it coming. We eulogize the victims with accolades of how brave and courageous they were and how much they’ll be missed and not forgotten; at least until the next news cycle with more breaking news about the latest massacre or disaster.

Though they say we learn from past mistakes, it seems the opposite is true. We build weapons of greater mass destruction. Race cars that travel at 200 mph, helmets that contain the brain damage better, guns that fire more and bigger ammo in less time, to bring down your target faster.

What is amazing is that we have survived this long, though maybe for not much longer. What’s sad is that we fail miserably when it comes to changing our behaviors; no matter the consequences.

Yesterday’s disaster only involved a few people and will quickly be forgotten. In fact they were able to clean up the mess, including the blood in the bleachers, so that today’s race could go on. NASCAR went so far as to try and take down a Utube video (see attached) that recorded what happened in the stands vs what they fed the media for fear that it might interrupt the race and the celebrations that follow.

Anything to entertain the crowd. 

NASCAR blocks eyewitness video of Daytona crash, but YouTube reverses the takedown