Saturday, February 9, 2013


Johann Wagener

It amazes me when I see two extremely intelligent and talented individuals; both with celebrity status make really stupid and simple minded comments about what they obviously know very little about; Religion.

read it here;

Bill Maher (The acclaimed creator of Religiosity) and Lawrence Kraus (His most recent book, "A Universe from Nothing,") both take delight in poo pooing the idea that something much more evolved and intelligent than they are exists. Bill likes to put down believers as "wackos" while Lawrence is a bit more polite and refers to them as "delusional."  

My educated guess is that both of these "ego-heavy" individuals suffer from deeply seeded insecurities experienced in childhood. I'm almost certain this is the case with Bill given his Catholic upbringing. 

My suggestion to both of these fellows is that they remember the old adage; "opinions are like a--holes, everyone has one", even a--holes.  I'd also like to see if they have the same arrogant attitudes at the moment they draw there last breath. I can hear Lawrence uttering the word "oops" when he discovers that there is "something" out there. 

Just asking.