Saturday, February 9, 2013

AND THE WINNER IS................

Obesity is getting a lot of press these days. And, most of it has nothing to do with health.

You would think that those that suffer the consequences of obesity would take this health matter seriously, but it looks like the "5 minutes of fame" bug has bitten some of them.

As with other forms of sick entertainment Americans indulge in obesity is a hit for the industry. TV's "The Biggest Loser" is a winner.

Governor Chris Christie is doing a stand up comedy act around his bigger than life image and he gets lot's of laughs.

And now the movie critics are jumping on the band wagon. Though it's not getting many laughs.

Actress Called 'Tractor-Sized' 'Hippo' In Scathing Movie Review

It looks like obesity is becoming a cash cow (excuse the pun) for the media, the junk food industry, the film industry, the TV industry, the diet industry, the healthcare industry, and a slew of others that play the "obesity" card to profit from what is obviously a serious health problem for many Americans; especially our children.