Wednesday, February 20, 2013

J.J.Jr. BOUGHT A $43,000.00 WHAT?

CCatching a politician with his hands in the cookie jar is no surprise. That's expected when you put a bunch of narcissistic ego-maniacs in one room.

But when I read that one of them blew $43,000 (more than a years salary to many of us) on a wrist watch??
I have to wonder what is going on in the grey matter between their ears?  It's just a wrist watch, stupid! It doesn't do anything that a $10 Timex does; tell time! Could these people not find anything more worthwhile to throw their money at? 

So, in an effort to make some sense from this nonsense I searched the web looking for a rationale for this irrational behavior. I was curious to know who these people are. To my surprise I found almost "nothing" in Google which is chock full of data about the minutest and most insignificant information like; Adolf Hitler had only one testicle?
Here’s a few tidbits I’d like to share;
First, it looks like J.J. Jr. is just trying to keep up with J.J. Sr. You know; “like father like son” or “a chip off the old block.” 

I found the Reverend on this site;     
which contains a photo gallery of people I was surprised to find there; though I suspect not all dropped $43,000 down on one of these over-rated wrist watches.

But then, there are those who do as the one I found on this list;