Sunday, February 3, 2013


 Johann Wagener 2-3-13

 Relax! They’re not in the seats next to you. They’re up on the big screen blowing warm bodies apart as fast as you can count them.

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 Wow! What a blast  (excuse the pun)  that must be! Heads being blown off; brain tissue splattering all over the screen. I’m told this mind blowing (Oh! another pun) hit is going to be right up there with the Super Bowl another much revered form of entertaining ourselves. (I’m being sarcastic)  I wonder if there are people standing in line in Aurora, Colorado or Newtown, Connecticut just dying (pun intended)  to see this one?
So, just in case, you might want to look at the person seated next to you. What to look for is dark clothing, possibly a bloated look from covering up body armor, and a duffle bag. If the profile fits anyone in the auditorium I suggest you head for the nearest exit.

Whatever you do don’t yell “gun” because if the NRA had its way, no one is going to come out of there alive.

Just a suggestion.