Tuesday, February 5, 2013

22 A DAY

22 A Day
Johann Wagener 2-4-13

Not a very large number. 
So what am I talking about here? 
The number of pushups I do in the morning?

No, I’m talking about casualties of war. Still, in the big picture, a very small number. ‘Collateral damage” maybe?

No, I’m referring to the number of combat personnel that lose their lives. 22 a day.  Is that from enemy fire? I thought these wars were winding down?

Wrong again!  

What I’m talking about are soldiers that are either in combat or at home, taking their own lives, by their own hand. This is, without a doubt their own worse enemy, themselves. That’s not taking into account the “Kyles” who end up dead at the hands of one of their own. Another set of numbers we don’t like to talk about.

I wonder if the neo-cons factor this number into their war plans?