Friday, January 11, 2013


This report requires a closer look in order to identify the actual forces that have a negative impact on our financial/economic freedom.

The greatest threat to economic freedom is a plutocratic - capitalistic system that enslaves the majority in order to enrich a minority. Having a bad score in "regulation" is a sign that we are doing something right. History has shown many times over that allowing our kind of system to run wild only creates chaos and meltdowns in which the majority suffer while those that caused these disasters continue to prosper. Undeterred greed destroys rather than create because the emphasis is on hoarding rather than sharing the wealth produced.  Putting these numbers into perspective in order to better understand what they mean is important if we are to stop the cycle of self-destruction we are caught in.

Accepting the premise that the only way to be economically free is to promote eating your own in the name of profit is fool hardy and self-serving.

Johann Wagener 1-11-2013

United States Economy: Population, GDP, Unemployment, Inflation, Spending