Friday, January 25, 2013



I woke up today to the sound of raindrops pelting against my bedroom window; a rare occurrence in this part of the country where not much survives without some help. 

As I looked out at the light drizzle sprinkling what I hesitate to call the lawn I noticed a small patch of green struggling to make its way through the hardened and parched earth. What I was witnessing, I thought, was a very small but significant display of Mother Nature giving birth; profound indeed, especially under these conditions.

This brought me to the following conclusion and what I call my “thought for the day.”

I realized that we humans, in the very short period of time we have walked upright on this planet have almost succeeded in trampling what was a beautiful, nourishing “garden of eden”  and transformed it into a virtual toilet in which we are dumping steaming hot piles of ( you can fill in the blank) junk. Since we have little or no interest in learning how to flush it  is quickly filling up and beginning to overflow and causing disasters greater than any seen before. Records are being broken quicker than we can record them.  Still we persist on going on our merry way towards self-destruction not realizing that one day, soon, God will "pull the chain."

I realized that, yes, we are indeed “God’s children” but tragically many of us were never potty trained.