Thursday, January 24, 2013

Women in combat - EQUALITY FOR ALL?


Women have come one step closer to being equal to their male counterparts. This time in the military where they are now eligible to fight in mortal combat. What better way to serve our country than to take our mothers away from their children and put them in the line of fire as equally as we do their fathers? What’s not being said is that women are now equally as able to come home crippled for life or in body bags.
This move on the part of neo-cons and those who do their bidding defies logic even more than the claims of WMD’s in Iraq. Rather than acknowledge that the military is short on manpower; especially when it comes to fighting in the trenches, they are now tapping into the last resources they have (unless the next come after the children) to beef up the frontlines by hooking people with buzz words like, “equality.” The tragedy here is that now our children are more than likely to lose their mothers or have them return home crippled just as their fathers have.
It might be better for us and the country if those that are so adamant about using bullets rather than words and who profit from war to take the first shot. If they want war then, by all means, let them fight them; men and women alike. Ironically this would undoubtedly be the quickest path to diplomacy and peace.
 Is this really a move forward? If so, towards what? Is making killing machines out of women a worthwhile undertaking? How does that benefit our way of life?  Or is this another sign that America’s moral compass is broken and in dire need of repair?
Is this what the Founders referred to when they declared “pursuit of happiness” for all?  A very sad day indeed. 

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