Sunday, January 27, 2013


A terrible scenario flashed through my mind this morning while in the post-sleep – pre-awake “twilight zone”. I later thought, as scary as it was, it might have been something I read in a book, or saw at a movie theater, or even on TV. No matter.

So, let me tell you. I imagined a person walking into one of the many gun shows peppered through the malls and convention centers of this great land. The person browses the many brightly lit displays of an array of weapons rarely seen at your local sporting goods store. As he wanders over to one of the display tables he is greeted by a friendly looking, unassuming young man sporting a bright white T-shirt with “NRA-USA” emblazoned across his chest.

“Hi, what can do for you today?” says the smiling young man. To which this person (his back was to me so I really can’t describe him other than to note he was wearing khaki pants and a dark hooded jacket) responds, “I’d like to look at something that would be appropriate for a classroom”. There’s a long pause as the young man’s smile twists into a frowning and quizzical sort of look as if he was thinking, “is this guy serious?” or “is this guy nuts” or something like that.

Then, as the smile quickly returns, the young man turns towards a rack chock full of black shiny Bushmaster looking assault rifles and says, “Let me show you a few you might be interested in.”

On that note I awoke with a jolt thinking; could this have really happened?