Saturday, January 26, 2013


There's something terribly wrong with our system of justice if it could not prove, "beyond a reasonable doubt" that bankers defrauded the American public? If that's true, then justice is really blind!  Or at least blind enough that it can't see the criminals in tailored suits driving around in their limos.

How can there be no crimes committed by those running these banks when these very banks are settling civil suits in the billions for "criminal"  wrongdoing?  Does Citizens United exempt bankers now that "corporations are people"? Convenient don't you think? Can't get an orange jump suit on a bank and find a cell large enough to lock it up in.

Looks like the "private sector" which just goes after the money is the way our justice system works. As long as the money is there anyone can easily "buy" their way out, "beyond a reasonable doubt."

Maybe Lady Justice should be blind, but do the people that enforce justice be so dumb?

 A look at this documentry seem to show the latter is true. "Beyond a reasonable doubt" It might also be worthwhile to see where these DOJ Prosecuters go their their next job. You might not be surprised but it might wake Americans up to demand changes in the way justice administrated.

The Untouchables – FRONTLINE