Monday, January 21, 2013


Johann Wagener 1-21-13

I want to make a point here and, in order to do that, I need to go back in time. Back to your childhood. The setting is your bedroom. You’re fast asleep, beads of sweat are beginning to pop up on your forehead and, just as you start to scream, your parent jars you awake and says, “ There, there, honey. It’s OK!, you were just having a bad dream.” 

The reassurance isn't convincing so you protest, “But, I just saw the boogeyman and he was chasing me!”  This is the time when most parents confess, “The boogeyman is not real honey. I just made him up to get you to clean your room.” Just like Santa and the Bunny, many of us had that conversation and have outgrown the Boggeyman so we're not as easily swayed as those who  missed out on it. 

For the believers the “boogeyman scare” still works in getting them to fall in line. Some of you might remember the “bomb shelter” craze in the 50’s when many Americans were convinced that the “red menace” was preparing to blow us into oblivion. There were those very convincing TV ads of the “mushroom cloud” which were indeed scary. This was a boon for the military industrial complex and the survivalists movement. Other than these fear mongers getting rich I often wonder how many of those shelters, well stocked with K-rations, were ever used? Yet, the nukes are still there. In fact there's even more than in the 50's, and they're bigger and better because we still waste billions of our tax dollars on stockpiling them. And, guess what, the fear mongers are getting richer without even doing a new TV ad, though, every once in a while, one of them might do a little "name dropping" like Iran or North Korea just to see if they still get a scare out of you. 

But, most of that is in the past. The new "boogeyman" is here for your gun(s). So, I’m here today to reassure you; not as a parent, but as concerned individual with children, that no one is coming to take your guns. The “British are not coming” The bad men in the red coats left centuries ago and went back across the big pond.

There is no “big  black boogeyman” leading a pack of “big black panthers” coming to rip down the gates of your communities, kill the security guards, disarm the alarms, knock out the street cameras and motion detectors, and cut your water, phone, and electricity off so they can knock down your double bolted door and execute you and your family in your sleep. This boogeyman, just like those in the past, are not real. They were just made up to scare you into doing what the spin masters that create them want you to do. Unlike your parents, who probably had good intentions, the folks scaring you today have little or no concern in your welfare. They simply want to get rich on your money. 

So where is this boogeyman coming from? Who is doing this you might ask? We know it's not your parents. It's not the government, even though a lot of folks would not agree with that one. In this instance it’s the gun and ammo industry, and organizations like the NRA that do their bidding and, who skillfully weave these scary tales.Some refer to them as “the merchants of death.”  They are very good at what they do. First they convince you that the NRA is a “charitable” 501(c) 3, tax- exempt organization who’s mission is to ?????? Here’s an example of their charitable works;

This is charitable? Only if scaring you and your children is an act of charity. 

If the NRA is a charitable organization as they claim to be, then where are they when these massacres occur? Why are they not putting up tents and loading them up with grief counselors to help those who got in the way of a gun? That is charity. 

 The purpose or mission if you want, of the NRA is  “fear mongering” and they and the interests they represent  make millions of dollars from, not only wars, but massacres like the one in Newtown. The fear campaigns generated by the NRA on behalf of the gun and ammo industry are very effective in converting death and fear into millions of dollars to fill the pockets of the gun and ammo industry, organizations like the NRA and the campaign coffers of politicians that pander to them.

For example, in the month since the Newtown massacre, millions of frightened Americans stood in block long lines in front of gun stores to franticly buy up all the guns and ammo they can get their hands on. Americans own enough guns and ammo to easily bring down every man, woman, child, and their pets, in this country several times over. Americans are so frightened that the only thing stopping them from getting more guns and ammo is that inventories have dried up as this ad proclaims.  Note; I have to admit that when I Googled this link I thought it was for a fast food chain selling “ammo” sandwiches.  AMMO-TO-GO!?!?

Based in the heart of Texas, Ammo To Go is an online ammunition store that stocks factory new ammunition, custom loaded ammunition, and military ammunition. Ammo To Go is the primary online source for Military Surplus, Incendiary, Raufoss, Tracer, and Specialty Shotgun ammo. Ammo To Go supplies sportsmen, hunters, and law enforcement throughout the United States. Contact us at 979-277-9676 or email

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Had I not read a little about AMMOTOGO my first impression was "OMG! it's a porn site" But after peeling my eyes off the GUN-TOTIN BIKINI CLAD GALS I came across "military ammunition"and a sundry of equally lethal stuff I had to admit it is a great way to get the customers attention. A very good one at that. Sort of a take on the terrorists, "virgin" dream but a far cry from the horror of what that Bushmaster one of the girls is holding unleashes.

The point I’m trying to make here is simple; Americans need to wake up and realize that all this rhetoric about your rights and guns being taken away is nothing more than a bad dream. A skillfully woven tale created by some very sophisticated and cynical people who want to scare you so bad that you’ll be begging them for more guns and ammo and losing a lot of sleep if you don’t. These people have no problem sleeping, dreaming of their cash registers being filled the brim by those who are so frightened the boogeyman they are willing to spend their last dollar to protect themselves against it; real or imagined.  

As a side note, what's this "military surplus" about? I thought our military was hurting for more funding, short on supplies. What are America's gun merchants doing selling and profiting from stuff paid for by the taxpayer?  Maybe the pentagon needs to wake up so we can get back to spending our tax dollars where there really is a shortage, like food, housing, education, employment, healthcare. All those nasty "entitlements" the fear mongers want us to give up in order to protect ourselves from the "boogeyman."

So, Wake up America! Take your kids to a horror movie or go to Disney Land and take a ride in the House of Horrors.  You want a boogeyman? That’s where you’ll find him.