Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama announces gun-control measures

The President has once again pulled this country back from the cliff. This time from gun nuts who value their guns more than the lives of their children.

They claim that this is violating the 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. Are these people just plain stupid or unable to read? There is NOTHING in the 2nd Amendment that gives the right to bear any kind of arms we want. All the founders were referring to are single shot muskets that took a lot of time to reload. How does that size up to present day weapons of mass destruction that can mow down classrooms full of children in less than 15 seconds?

President Obama has not messed with our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Rest assured your guns are safe. What the President has done, however, is taken the keys of the asylum away from the inmates in order to protect us from that small but dangerous group of lunatics that threaten our way of life, if not our lives.

Thank you Mr. President!

Obama announces gun-control measures