Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Johann Wagener 1-22-13

With gun fights on one of it's college campuses and the Texas legislatures drafting a bill to arm teachers it won't be long before the evening news will be airing real live OK CORAL - HIGH NOON style gun fights.

Those to suffer first will be the "paint gun" vendors. Won't need those anymore. This time it's real!

This won't be a movie or TV reality show. No script, no actors, directors, props. And a very low budget; just a few TV cameras. The audience will be those fortunate enough to not be caught in the crossfire, safely glued to their flat screens or iPhones, either cheering on the teachers or maybe the students?

We'll get live, "breaking news" blow by blow reports on whose got the fastest draw, the bigger guns, the number of hits.

Who's winning?

Whose losing?

How long before SWAT shows up?

Will they be able to tell the "bad" guys from the "good" guys? Will teachers students, visitors, news, medical, all be issued different colored arm bands?

There might even be marketing folks from the NRA and gun industry there, setting up a "gun-to-go show" where we can buy one of the guns, "those guys are using."

Another great day to celebrate "Gun Appreciation Day"